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People typically ask me, “Do you believe it is possible for any person to lead a peaceful life throughout these struggling times?” My reply is, “It is not only possible, it is your birthright. Yes, ananda, happiness, the peace that passeth, nay, surpasseth understanding is your bequest! You are a youngster of God– and He is the resource of eternal happiness, endless happiness.”

The minute you know that you are a youngster of God, you will let absolutely nothing influence you. All you have to do is forget on your own– and also understand your true self as a youngster of God. When we neglect this external self and also go beyond the incredible, worldly globe, we draw closer to the real, internal self, which is peace.

What is peace?

I could inform you just what peace remains in several words, yet all descriptions will fail to make you recognize it up until you have actually felt peace in your heart. Like love, tranquility must be felt.

Many people usually ask ourselves, “Why exists no tranquility in our hearts?” God has actually blessed us generously, we stay in comfortable homes, we eat good food, we have adequate loan to invest in requirements as well as a few high-ends. Why, then, does tranquility avoid us?

A few days earlier, a lady from Mumbai involved satisfy me. She came from a widely known and also well-to-do family members. She requested for a personal meeting with me, when I fulfilled her, she began to lose tears. She stated: “Dada, there is one point that I can’t concern terms with. I have cash aplenty, there are slaves to accomplish my every bidding, we have numerous cars and also bungalows, my youngsters are extremely attached to me as well as take note of my every need and also convenience. But– and also yet, I recognize not why I am so dissatisfied! I really feel so depressed that frequently I shut myself in my area and weep bitterly. I sob out to God in sorrow and aggravation, ‘Lord, why is it therefore with me?’ For God has provided me whatever– other than joy. Why, Dada, why is this so?”

All the comfort is not enough

This is the problem of many of us. We have every little thing we require– and also we are still miserable. What is the factor of this prevalent sadness in the globe? Friends, the trick to joy is tranquility of mind. He who is blessed with comfort is constantly delighted– even if he is destitute and also he has absolutely nothing in this globe. Saints, great spirits and renunciates have nothing to call their own, yet they are radiantly delighted. Such was the dervish that said: “Absolutely nothing in the morn have I as well as absolutely nothing do I have at night. Yet there is none in the world happier compared to I!”

Lord Krishna informs Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita: “Arjuna, ashantasya kutah sukham? If guy is not at peace with himself, exactly how can he enjoy?” The key to happiness undoubtedly, the secret of true joy is satisfaction. There is one way of achieving satisfaction. That is to acquire the realisation that occurs, happens according to the will of God.

God’s plans are perfect

Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani used to tell us, “God upsets our plans to establish His very own. And His plans are constantly perfect.” If I have the faith that whatever has happened to me is according to the plan of the Highest, that there is some surprise great in it for me, I will certainly not be distressed! Gurudev additionally made use of to claim, “Every dissatisfaction is His visit. And also He recognizes best.”

Once you realise this, there disappears frustration, no more distress. You follow in a state of tranquillity and also tranquility. You might not have the ability to attain this quickly. It is a process where you need to relocate. There are a lot of circumstances and also circumstances in life that shatter our tranquility. Yet the length of time can we allow ourselves to indulge sadness and also self-pity? The call of life is Onward, Forward, Godward! Guy could come and men may go, but life takes place for life! Lives may involve an end, but life in the world should go on!