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Access health and wellness and joy with old yet obscure yoga exercise methods from all over the world that tap right into the recovery power of nature.

In Kat Tudor’s yoga classes, things start as you could expect: with workout asana. 30 mins in, you may locate yourself unapologetically stomping your feet and playing a rattle as you call after the healing power of natural aspects like earth, wind, and also fire. Which might leave the unaware to ask yourself: Exactly what do the aspects pertain to yoga?

As it ends up, rather a lot. Tudor’s mentors are motivated by exactly what she calls Mayan Yoga– a custom she gained from Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros, her teacher in Yucatan, Mexico. With mytho-historic origins, their practice integrates classical yoga exercise with Mayan routines from approximately 700 years earlier, much of them taken into consideration shamanistic, to transport the power of the environment and also boost awareness. “In every means, Mayan Yoga exercise is connected to what we Westerners consider yoga,” states Tudor. “Words are different, yet Mayan Yoga exercise addresses all the degrees of a person through mantra, mudra, breath, presents, and also tales.”

For starters, the components can connect to the chakras, inner power centers related to various moods as well as conditions and also that yoga exercise techniques aim to unblock or maintain in equilibrium. If you’re really feeling ungrounded, your root chakra or the earth power within you might be blocked. (See some of the benefits related to each aspect listed below.) The yoga-element link goes deeper than that. The suggestion that you could recover mind, body, and spirit by understanding the equilibrium of refined powers within you — energies that carry the top qualities of natural environments — originally originates from old Hindu viewpoint as well as the bases of yoga and also Ayurveda, explains Yoga exercise Journal contributing medical editor Timothy McCall, MD. “Then, around the 5th century BCE, Hippocrates (the daddy of modern medication) started discussing components that exist within us … I assume the Greeks likely obtained much of their concepts from Ayurveda,” says McCall. Later, colonists brought those Hippocratic ideas of mind-body balance– their standard medicine– to Latin American societies, potentially consisting of the Maya, he explains.

Halfway around the globe, another old element-oriented yogalike practice was already in play: Tibetan Yoga. This very spiritual, 2,500-plus-year-old method arised from a combination of Indian Tantric Buddhism, native Tibetan shamanism, and Tibetan medication, which is based on elements that make up our constitution and associate to feelings as well as health problems. Tibetan Yoga incorporates activities, breath, reflection, as well as visualization to help open up subtle-energy networks (once more, believe chakras in hatha yoga), it additionally balances the body’s three humors, or vital components– wind, bile, and phlegm– and integrates body as well as mind. Eventually, the method clears challenges so the practitioner can experience well-being and also reach higher states of awareness, claims Ian Baker, PhD, an anthropologist as well as author of multiple books on Tibetan society and recovery arts, including his latest, Tibetan Yoga: Tricks from the Source. Commonly, Tibetan Yoga exercise has been shrouded in secrecy, clarifies Baker, as well as marked by sensational tales of yogis in the hills who maintain their naked bodies heat via heavy breathing techniques or that could leap, twist midair right into forms like Lotus Posture, as well as land in seatsed reflection. Today, initial kinds of the practice, offered the West by Tibetan monks and also lamas over the previous several years, are getting appeal here.

To sample these wonderful, medical, shamanistic forms of yoga exercise, practice the Mayan as well as Tibetan sequences here. Both aim to stabilize mind and body by motivating an unified flow of elemental power. Try these timeless sequences on their very own, or begin to include the movements right into your normal yoga exercise method if something feels off kilter, physically or mentally.

TheĀ Five Elements

While the components themselves as well as what each represents differ from culture to culture, there are general moods and physical procedures related to each element throughout customs:


Grounding, soothing, keeps vanity in check, the power of bones, muscles, tissues, as well as “warm” health problems, such as infection


Provides the ability to adjust, flow, act selflessly, as well as stay clear of undesirable accessories, guidelines your blood, various other physical fluids, and also “cool” illnesses, such as joint pain


Brings self-confidence and nerve, the energy of metabolism, drive, and creativity, an unwanted could present as rage or hatred


A channel for clear communication and also self-expression, influences your ability to act from a location of compassion and also love, envy takes place when from balance


A container for all the other aspects, the source of instinct and wisdom from the world, associated with magnanimity as well as expansion

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