The Chopra Meditation Technique for Losing Weight

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Losing weight can be challenging for anybody, but exercising and eating healthfully are only part of the struggle. Readjusting your frame of mind might offer you the motivation you need to make a modification in your life. Mind-calming exercise, like the technique proposed by famed doctor, author and option medicine supporter Dr. Deepak Chopra, may offer the boost you should drop weight at last.

Meditation Basics

Meditation has been practiced for hundreds of years worldwide. According to the National Center for Complementary and Option Medication, or NCCAM, a governmental research done in 2007 concluded that even more than 20 million Americans had actually made use of reflection in the previous 12 months. The practice, in which the mind and body join together to unwind and focus, can be done in a variety of means. Some forms of meditation, like yoga and tai chi, involve physical movement, while others need stillness. Chopra calls his technique primordial sound mind-calming exercise. According to his website, the goal of his strategy isn’t to clear your mind but to make it peaceful yet alert.

Meditation Benefits

Medical specialists haven’t figured out the medical results you’ll achieve with meditation, however a growing number believe that meditating does have some benefits, keeps in mind the Mayo Facility site. According to the NCCAM, individuals use meditation to ease anxiety, depression, discomfort and anxiety, and all of these conditions can keep you from exercising or trigger you to overeat or consume unhealthy ‘comfort’ foods. According to Chopra, his reflection strategy can help professionals bring recovering to their bodies and offer strength to their purposes. You could find that concentrating on your eating behaviors or desire to lose weight during reflection will make you feel motivated and stimulated afterward.

Chopra’s Method

Chopra teaches his approach at annual hideaways held throughout the country, and trainers who’re accredited in the method instruct classes at yoga and reflection studios too. To exercise the method in your home, follow the strategy Chopra showed on ‘The Dr. Oz Program.’ In a silent space, sit in a chair with your legs uncrossed, back straight and your hands open on your knees. Repeat ‘I am, I am, I am’ aloud, then close your eyes and whisper the words. Repeat the words quietly in your moving towards 5 to 10 minutes while trying to shut out other sounds and ideas. Next, relocate your awareness to your heart and down to your fingertips. Repeat ‘peace, harmony, laughter, love’ in your head for 2 minutes, then concentrate on the locations of your body and life you wish to recover. Take a moment to feel gratitude, then open your eyes.


Meditating might prepare you to reduce weight, however you should still do the work of cutting calories yourself. For the best chance to succeed, try including other weight-loss approaches at the same time you begin meditation. For instance, sign up with an individual trainer and make an appointment with a nutritional expert so you are getting support from a range of sources. If you’ve physical constraints, Chopra’s mind-calming exercise strategies might be much better for you than various other kinds of reflection, considering that you don’t should contort your body. According to the NCCAM, meditation has occasionally been found to intensify some psychiatric conditions, so if you’ve a history of mental health issues, speak with your physician before starting.