Yoga isn't a high calorie-burning workout, although it's other health benefits.

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Increasing adaptability, deepening a spiritual practice or acquiring muscular strength are reasons many individuals join a yoga course. If calorie-burning is your objective, you might’ve better luck with a specialized yoga course or a various sort of workout.


In an hour-long yoga course, a 150 lb. individual loses about 240 calories. Since an aerobic workout burns 360 calories in the same quantity of time, yoga is ruled out a calorie-burning exercise, according to preventive medicine professional Donald Hensrud, MD. However, health specialists advise 20 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 times a week, according to the President’s Council on Fitness and Sports. So if you compare the amount of time an exercise is performed, you burn more in the typical hour-long length of a yoga class than the 120 calories burned during 20 minutes of aerobic exercise.


‘Power yoga,’ or Ashtanga yoga, offers more aerobic exercise than calming Hatha yoga. Vinyasa yoga effortlessly moves from one posture to the next, providing even more of an exercise than Hatha yoga, which pauses between positions. The American Council on Exercise explains that these two kinds of yoga each help you burn about 344 calories during a 50-minute session.


Yoga has health advantages in addition to calories burned, such as elevating your state of mind, lowering your possibilities of developing persistent diseases, lowering your stress levels and strengthening your back, according to ACE. Yoga likewise improves your flexibility and balance, and builds muscle, which will remain to burn calories after you leave the yoga mat.