The Best Yoga Video for Men

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According to John Capouya, author of ‘Real Guy Do Yoga,’ most guys consider yoga as a girly workout best done by their wives and girlfriends, however, the strength and flexibility obtained by its practice makes it commonly used by even the most buff and athletic of men. While it’s advantageous to exercise yoga under the guidance of a competent yoga trainer, doing a yoga video in the house offers guys with the capability to take yoga without the cost or necessity of going to a yoga studio. Despite which workout you choose to make use of, make certain you’re cleared by your doctor before beginning a yoga program.

Rodney Yee

Rodney Yee, a popular male yoga trainer, has actually been practicing yoga since 1980 and has created even more than 30 yoga videos during his profession, numerous of which are thought about the best of the best. Novices can try out his ‘Yoga for Beginners’ video, a 40-minute yoga program where all of the start yoga positions in addition to detailed descriptions are shown. For those who’re more intermediate to advanced yogis, Yee’s ‘Yoga Practice for Strength’ integrates more tough poses.

Baron Baptiste

Baron Baptiste, with even more than 20 years of experience teaching yoga to a diverse group from poverty-stricken youth to professional football gamers, has also put out yoga videos that make ‘Yoga Diary’s’ top-of-the-pick listings on a regular basis. Not for the faint of heart, Baptiste gears numerous of his yoga videos to strong sportsmens, and those that are currently fit. His ‘Unlocking Athletic Power-Power Vinyas’ makes 5 stars on numerous yoga video internet sites.

Bob Harper

Bob Harper, yoga teacher and ‘Greatest Loser’ trainer, has actually established an innovative yoga video labelled ‘Yoga for the Warrior.’ Designed for the advanced exerciser, this yoga is quickly paced and energetic. Due to the fact that of its higher-intensity, power yoga steps, just those that have been working out or exercising yoga beyond a beginner level should try it.


There are hundreds of yoga videos readily available in the marketplace. Finding the right one for you might take a while. Prior to choosing to purchase the best yoga video for you, rent or borrow various yoga videos from the library or a buddy to try them out prior to you spend money. Regardless of which yoga video you choose to make use of, make certain that it includes a lot of positions to warm up at the beginning of the video and postures to cool down at the end. It’s likewise an excellent idea to practice with another person nearby in case you’re wounded while attempting a posture so that they can help you or call 911 in an emergent circumstance.