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The profession of yoga instructor has risen in popularity throughout the 2000s. Being a yoga teacher can be satisfying as you help students feel emotionally and physically satisfied by directing them with asana series and pranayama and meditation methods. If you’re thinking of becoming a yoga educator, it’s important to pick a high-quality training that’ll completely prepare you to instruct other students.

Yoga Alliance

It’s helpful to discover instructor training that’s signed up with the Yoga Alliance, an independent company that maintains stringent requirements for trainings at all levels. Its objective is to ensure that trainings provide quality, professionalism, values and concepts to yoga teachers and pupils. The company is extremely related to in the yoga neighborhood and accreditation will add to your reliability.


Yoga trainings must be taught by registered educators who’ve actually finished at least a 200-hour certification program. Educators who’ve actually completed or are in the procedure of finishing a 500-hour training are more efficiently. Additionally, instructors ought to have various years teaching yoga to students in various disciplines and environments. The more experience and knowledge a teacher has, the more she needs to provide to students who’re wanting to teach.

Contact Hours

According to Yoga Partnership, a fundamental 200-hour teacher training must’ve 180 contact hours with licensed yoga teachers and a 500-hour training must such as 450 contact hours with registered teachers. Contact hours are those that happen in a class setting with a registered yoga educator present and directing the course or training. This is to ensure that students are receiving a sufficient amount of actual training so they’re more efficiently ready to lead their own pupils.

Categories Covered

The best yoga educator trainings will offer thorough coverage of yoga practices, approaches and disciplines. Yoga Partnership requires that physiology, anatomy, viewpoint, asana technique, method, teaching principles and principles all be included in a fundamental 200-hour educator training program. These classifications may also be included in a 500-hour training, though they’re often focused on specific locations.


It’s very important that a training doesn’t count simply on theory, however needs the pupils to practice teaching so they’ll be prepared when instructing an actual yoga course. This section of the training need to include observing, assisting, teaching and getting feedback.