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If you’re a devoted practitioner of yoga exercise, you might wish to think about an instructor training program. Potential trainers have to decide exactly what kind of yoga exercise they wish to teach, and whether they prepare to teach as a thing or a brand-new occupation. Normally, high-end health clubs and yoga studios have the most stringent requirements to instruct.

Important Components

If you plan to teach yoga in high-end fitness centers or yoga exercise studios, consider a 200-hour training program accepted by Yoga exercise Partnership. The training programs like comprehensive direction in anatomy, ways to physically adjust students in a yoga exercise class, injury avoidance, safe sequencing and practice teaching. Yoga exercise Alliance also requires that yoga exercise viewpoint, history and ethical issues relating to training are gone over. Lots of training programs require trainees to work with a mentor, an established professional yoga exercise teacher, for 6 months or longer. Written projects and work in the studio to learn ways to sequence classes prevail.

200- or 500-Hour

Yoga Partnership divides instructor training into fundamental 200- and advanced 500-hour categories. It accredits individuals and teacher training programs at yoga exercise studios and university extension divisions to provide programs based on its requirements. As soon as you finish a 200-hour program, you likewise have to finish a certain number of teaching hours to get a 200-hour certification. Others full 500 hours in a program and as much as 2,000 additional active training hours prior to earning certification.

Yoga Masters in India

There are numerous expert, full-time yoga exercise instructors who’ve actually not applied to finish the Yoga Partnership requirements. Instead, these teachers could’ve studied directly with instructors in India and been provided that teacher’s approval. For example, ashtanga instructors were accredited with Sri Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. After he passed away in 2008, his grandson, Sharath, and others in Mysore have actually continued his work.


If you aren’t planning to teach yoga exercise as a new career, you can save time and money by taking a much shorter program provided with different health clubs. This track generally requires a weekend module of 16 to 20 hours for teaching a beginner-level yoga exercise course. In addition, a CPR and a group-exercise certification have to be completed. This will allow you to instruct in some fitness centers and YMCAs in particular states.


To instruct in a high-end gym or well-regarded yoga studio, a typical requirement will be 200 hours at a Yoga Alliance-approved program and 2 years of training experience. Yoga exercise teachers make a mean hourly wage in between $19.93 and $39.83, according to PayScale, as of March 2011.