The Best Rated Yoga Mat

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When it involves purchasing a new yoga mat, there are a number of attributes to consider. The cushion that the mat will provide is essential, specifically for yoga workouts on the floor. The mat needs to be heavy enough that it’ll not slip during specific standing yoga positions. In addition, the mat needs to be a color and style that suits you, and easy to deliver. According to the Wall Street Journal post, ‘Trying to find a Soft Spot to ‘Om” by Anjali Athavaley, ‘The latest mats … assisted keep us from slipping throughout our practice and offered enough padding to ease the pressure on our joints during particular poses.’

The Lotuspad Earth Mat

The top of the list according to the Commercial Journal is the ‘Lotuspad Earth Mat,’ Portable and made from recycled products, this yoga mat is light and easy to transport and zippy– in a lime green color, orange and blue.

Eco Yoga Jute Mat

The finest mat, according to the website Planet Environment-friendly is made by the business EcoYoga. One reason that this mat is differenet is that it can be cleaned, as it’s a mixture of natural rubber and the fiber jute. Earth green calls the ‘Eco Yoga Jute Mat’ both ‘soft and supportive.’ Colors include pink, lavender and green.

Manduka ProLite Mat

The second in the leading five from the Commercial Journal is the ‘Manduka ProLite’ mat, which gets high marks for resilience in addition to non-slippage. Comfortable for standing positions, this mat also provides extra cushion for floor work.

PER Environmental Yoga Mat From Barefoot Yoga

The ‘PER Environmental Yoga Mat,’ produced by Barefoot Yoga Zoom, is similar in feel to a slip-free sticky mat, but is made with less chemicals than numerous sticky mats. PER mean polymer environmental resin. These mats are made without latex, and are advised by Planet Green.

Lulumon Athletica Eco Align Ultra Mat

Lululemon Athletica’s ‘Eco Align Ultra Mat,’ also advised by the Commercial Diary, has actually bright lines painted on the mat, which makes a difference when lining up certain standing yoga positions, such as the Warrior Pose. This mat is made of thermal plastic elastomer.