The Best Pregnancy Yoga Videos

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Yoga has various advantages. For instance, yoga will help decrease your stress and anxiety and anxiety levels, urge leisure and rest, enhance flexibility and flow, in addition to reinforce joints and muscles in a safe, gentle and effective means, according to In addition, yoga can assist decrease sleep problems and indigestion related to maternity and teach you ways to relax and breathe for labor. The practice can likewise help prepare you for the physical and psychological needs of being a mom. There are many pregnancy yoga classes readily available, however if you ‘d rather find out yoga in the convenience of your home, try some maternity yoga videos.

“Prenatal Yoga by Shiva Rea”

This video, by Shiva Rea, allows you to practice yoga based upon your advancement. Rea takes you through stretches and positions ideal for your first trimester but features two pregnant ladies, one in her second trimester and one in her 3rd, to demonstrate how to customize poses to meet the bigger advancements of your child. Poses and stretches consist of chairs or tough benches for support. Afterward, Rea and the assistants walk you with 16 yoga floor positions modified for pregnancy safety, consisting of the child’s posture, lunge posture and plank position. You’ll end with a leisure exercise, with instances of how to change this exercise based upon your child’s advancement.

‘Sara Holliday’s Prenatal Yoga Collection’

This collection categorizes the yoga into the pregnancy trimesters. For the first trimester, you’ll invest 45 mins using positions and extends to tone and reinforce your muscles. notes that this section is likewise great to make use of as a post-natal yoga workout. For the 2nd trimester, Holliday presents a 35-minute yoga exercise that focuses on removing back and leg pain that’s actually caused by the maternity. The 3rd area, a 37-minute exercise program for the third trimester, provides breathing exercises to assist prepare you for labor and pose workouts to make delivery easier.

“Pregnant, Fit & Relaxed”

‘Pregnant, Fit & Relaxed’ is created for mothers-to-be who’re 14 weeks along and beyond. Produced by yoga trainer and mom of five Paddy O’Brian, this video provides you with 75 mins of many postures, workouts and gentle stretches to assist you at this maternity stage and beyond. The video is separated into numerous areas, including Deep Breathing Rhythms, Ways to Stay Supple and Pliable, Positions Throughout Labor, Abdominal Breathing for Tightenings, Relaxation, Peacefulness and Flowing, Gentle Stretching and Correct Posture and Balance.


If you’ve actually exercised yoga prior to your maternity, you should find it simple to adapt to a prenatal yoga video program. Nevertheless, if you haven’t exercised yoga, you could want to exercise with a course. A yoga instructor will assist you keep your position aligned during positions and help you do all positions safely and correctly for optimum advantages. The instructor can likewise offer helpful info for positions not to do in the home, since some postures can prevent blood flow to the uterus or put you at threat for injury.