The Best Nonslip Yoga Mat

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Having a great yoga mat is crucial for a strong yoga practice. A nonslip yoga mat is needed for practice due to the fact that it’ll help you hold your balance and get even more strength when you’re on a stable surface. Picking the very best mat on the market will assist you hold your yoga postures more effectively.

Why Nonslip

Choosing a nonslip mat is essential for all types of yoga because it provides you a sturdy foundation for your practice. Hatha yoga is a term for numerous different types. Yoga involves vigorous motions that utilize the entire body weight and practices typically cause the body to sweat. A durable surface is essential so your mat doesn’t move all over the yoga studio. Nonslip yoga mats are often thicker to become a sponge for your sweat so you don’t slide around on your mat when in different poses.

Manduka Mat

The Manduka mat is the Porsche and the Ferrari of yoga mats, according to Phil Swain, CEO of YogaWorks, due to the fact that if its quality and rate. These mats offer even more support for a premium practice. Support is needed during poses when you’re on your knees and hands, like tabletop and downward pet dog, extra cushion will help avoid discomfort and injuries in your body.

The Difference

The website Yoga 4 Beginners clarifies that the Manduka mat has a top and bottom side. The top side keeps you from slipping and sliding on your mat like a surf board. All-time low has small circles that grip the floor. This gripping underneath the mat helps it from bunching up throughout yoga postures and flow collection.


Manduka mats are more costly than a lot of yoga mats because they’re constructed to last a lifetime. It’s frequently called the ‘trainers mat’ due to the fact that of its durability. The Manduka mat ranges from $60 to $100 as of 2011. The Manduka mat can be discovered in sporting good stores, yoga studios and yoga internet sites.