The Best Hot Yoga Mat

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Heat throughout yoga is thought to increase adaptability, prevent injuries, and advertise sweating and detoxification. Hot yoga includes Bikram Yoga or Hatha Yoga carried out in a room warmed to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. With all the heat and hard work, you’ll sweat, a lot, and a great mat can make your experience more delightful.

Why You Need a Special Mat

During any kind of hot yoga, you’ll sweat, probably more than you envisioned. Since you’ll be standing or sitting in the same place, the sweat will gather around you, causing humiliating and possibly harmful slipping risks. So, it’s an excellent idea to buy a slip-resistant mat made just for hot yoga, or an absorbent cover for your routine yoga mat.

Best Hot Yoga Mats

Hot yoga mats must offer extra grip and absorption. Customer Research recommends the Lululemon Hot Yogi Mat and Hugger Mugger Tola Yoga Mat. The Lululemon prevents slipping with its cotton fibers, however is available only in stores. The Hugger Mugger Tola has a rubber backing. Other leading mats for hot yoga consist of the Black Mat Pro from Manduka with its non-slip, fabric-like finish and lifetime assurance, and sticky mats from Yoga Props.

Best Hot Yoga Mat Covers

For more versatility, you might wish to buy a cover that’ll transform your regular yoga mat for hot yoga. Yogitoes is recognized by Consumer Research as one of the best mat pays for hot yoga due to the fact that it’s absorbent and non-skidding. The Prana Surya Yoga towel is also advised, however it doesn’t have the same slip-resistant backing as Yogitoes.

Other Items for Hot Yoga

It’s also a good idea to bring a couple of added items to your hot yoga class to ensure you get optimal benefits and convenience. Other vital hot yoga equipment includes small towels for your body and face, a huge towel to swab up the floor around you, a full canteen, and lightweight clothes.