The Best Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

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Yoga mats made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, launch dioxins into the environment, both throughout production and, if disposed of with the garbage, in garbage dumps. Eco-friendly yoga mats provide an option to PVC mats, but finding the right mat relies on your personal inclinations and lifestyle. Options consist of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, plant fiber and thermal plastic elastomer yoga exercise mats.

Natural Rubber

Made from the latex of rubber trees, natural rubber yoga exercise mats are thought about ecologically friendly since the material is both biodegradable and comes from a replenishable resource. Nevertheless, natural rubber includes a protein that causes an allergic reaction in individuals with latex allergic reactions. If you’ve a latex allergic reaction, recommends that you consider a synthetic latex-free rubber mat. Rubber mats often weigh and have a distinct odor. If you plan to take a trip with your mat to yoga courses, the extra weight is certainly a factor to consider.

Have Mat, Will Travel

If you need a yoga mat that travels well, ecologically friendly alternatives include those made from plant fiber, such as jute, hemp and cotton. To ensure that your mat material was grown and gathered without using pesticides, recommends that you search for one that’s licensed natural. Biodegradable and made from a renewable resource, plant fiber mats are lighter than natural rubber and can be composted when it’s time for a brand-new mat.

Plastic Mats

Mats made from thermal plastic elastomer appearance and feel even more like traditional PVC mats than various other eco-friendly options. Although this plastic offers a more environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC plastic mats, it may not be completely contaminant complimentary. To be sure a thermal plastic elastomer mat is toxin-free, examine the tag or contact the producer to verify that no toxic products were utilized in the production procedure.


When you sell your old yoga mat, think about reusing it, specifically if it’s made from PVC. When sent to garbage dumps, these standard yoga exercise mats might leek dioxins into the dirt. Regardless of which type of mat you utilized last, yoga mat reusing programs can donate used mats to area fitness programs or reuse the material to make other items.