Bodyweight squats can give you a better defined waist, though probably not a larger one.

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In general, it’s unlikely that any exercise will enhance your waist size. When you keep your diet plan the exact same and begin to regularly work out, doing squats or any other form of exercise, your body burns off deposits of fat and usually slims down. If your training involves strength training, the muscle mass that you develop may enhance the size of specific body parts, such as the arms, shoulders, chest or legs. Nevertheless, the stomach muscles and lower back muscles rarely enlarge. Body weight squats can give you a well-defined waist area with visible muscles.

Basic Form

The body weight squat is easy enough for a novice to perform, making it an useful choice for house exercises. Start by standing with your feet a little larger than hip-distance and your toes turned somewhat outwards. Let your arms rest at your sides and stand upright, with your shoulders relaxed and back, your chest open and your gaze directly ahead. Engage your abdominal muscles and inhale, pushing your hips backwards and downward and letting your knees flex. Continue as far as you can until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Exhale and reverse the movement, returning to the starting position. Throughout the squat, keep your chest upright, your abdominals engaged and your lower back flat.


Provided that you stick to body weight squats, without any additional weights, there are fairly couple of variations on the motion. One means to enhance the difficulty of the exercise is to do the same movement on top of a BOSU ball, an inflatable dome-shaped ball that needs higher core strength to maintain stability.

Risks and Warnings

As long as you are doing body weight squats, without any extra weight, it’s unlikely that you’ll hurt yourself. Keep appropriate type and avoid rounding your back to minimize the danger of pressure. By keeping your stomach muscles engaged, you’ll keep the work distributed between the front and back of your core. Stretching your hamstrings will likewise help protect versus stress.

A Whole-Body Approach

Increasing the size of your waist is not really an usual goal. Assuming that you are not thinking about putting on abdominal fat, a serious wellness risk, however in night out your musculature, one method is to work with the proportion of your overall frame. Rather of attempting to enlarge your stomach muscles or lower back muscles, neither of which generally ‘bulk up’ very much, rather concentrate on developing lean muscle mass around your chest, shoulders and legs. In contrast to the rest of your frame, your waist will appear stouter.