The Best Yoga Mat for Bikram Yoga

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Bikram yoga is a trademarked sequence of 26 yoga postures, or asanas, that are done 2 times. Choudray Bikram is the creator of Bikram yoga, and it’s exercised by people all over the world. Based in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Bikram still leads classes in a heated room. He’s lots of fans who swear by his rigorous design of yoga. As Bikram yoga is always taught in the same way as created by Mr. Bikram, and in spaces heated up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, the practice rates very high on the perspiration level, so you need the right kind of yoga mat. The heat helps to detoxify the body.

Thick and Padded for Cushioning

A yoga mat that’s thick and cushioned adequate to endure the roughness of a Bikram yoga class is best. A thin mat will wear too quickly and won’t provide the cushioning you’ll desire for postures such as rabbit posture, when you put your head onto your mat. For most people, that’ll suggest a mat that’s at least one-half inch in thickness.

Durability: Rubber, Bamboo

Eco-friendly yoga mats made from natural rubber or bamboo or various other plant-based materials are excellent choices for Bikram yoga. A rubber mat will wear well from the standing poses found in Bikram yoga. Those made from bamboo are remarkably resilient and lighter in weight than rubber.

Traction to Prevent Sliding

It may be possible to exercise some kinds of yoga on bare wood floor, but Bikram yoga isn’t one of them. The heated room and no-nonsense succession of positions will rapidly produce a sweaty practice that requires a yoga mat that’ll not slip or slide. Because of that, picking a yoga mat made with a patterned surface to offer traction on carpeting or hard flooring is a great idea. It isn’t uncommon to see people practice Bikram yoga in swimwear as the session produces that much heat.

Reversible for Versatility

Fully reversible mats are also extremely practical for a Bikram yoga course. While lots of people will produce thick beach towels and lay them flat on top of their yoga mats, these can slide throughout practice. There are yoga mats that have a ‘sticky’ side and on the various other side is a terry towel side to absorb the perspiration from practice. You might attempt one to see whether it matches you. As all yogis know, you need to choose the very best yoga mat for your Bikram yoga class based on your direct experiences.