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Japa yoga is a meditative discipline that aims to produce spiritual knowledge through the practice of continuous repeating of or focus on a divine word, called a mantra. With proper and disciplined practice, professionals of japa yoga may succeed in reducing their awareness to the mantra itself, thus accomplishing unity with the divinity represented by the mantra and experiencing a transcendental state of spiritual realization. The different methods of japa yoga are best performed in a serene, quiet place and with an unwinded and stable posture.


Vaikhari is a japa yoga strategy in which a mantra is continuously repeated verbally for a set period of time. Considered to be one of the most basic form of japa yoga, vaikhari is usually carried out for an hour a day over a period of a number of weeks in order to quiet the professional’s mind and produce a state of relaxed focus.


Upanshu is somewhat similar to the technique of vaikhari, as both techniques include spoken repeating of a mantra. In upanshu, nevertheless, the mantra is whispered with as little noise as possible as opposed to merely being spoken. The decrease of audible sound forces the mind to more quiet itself in order to keep concentration on the mantra. Upanshu is only exercised after proficiency in vaikhari has actually been attained, and may be performed for approximately 10 hours per day.


Manasika is the most subtle and refined japa yoga strategy that consists completely of mental repeating of and concentration on a mantra. As it’s the most innovative and effective japa yoga strategy, manasika need to just be practiced after the very first 2 methods have actually been mastered. According to ‘Meditations From the Tantras,’ in order to prepare the mind for manasika practice, vaikhari and upanshu ought to be performed immediately in advance. At this level, japa yoga practice need to be proportioned to consist of three parts vaikhari, two parts upanshu and one part manasika.