When I first found out about Ishnaan Treatment or Hydrotherapy (Cold Shower) in the Kundalini Yoga Teachings, I’d shivers at simply the idea of taking a cold shower. Yikes! My ideas were, why’d anyone wish to take a shocking cold shower instead a nice hot shower? That’s nuts!

cold shower

Lately, health clubs have actually been including ‘hydrotherapy showers’ and the Finns have been known to take hot saunas, then roll in the snow or dip in the cold waters.

With much resistance, I’d to try it. It was hard in the beginning, but then I observed that it felt good after the cold shower. It felt invigorating and freshening with sort of a feeling of giving me more energy. I can honestly say that after taking cold showers now for a couple of years, I’d not take a shower any other means. Unless I’m sick, I take cold showers all the time. In fact it’s no problem for me to swim in cold lake water at our home from April to November – Very Refreshing! (my friends and family believe I am nuts and will certainly not join me.)

Give it a try! You’ll probably end up being very holy the moment the cold water hits your body, because it’s likely you’ll yell, ‘Oh my God!’

Why’s a cold shower (Hydrotherapy) good for you?

It enhances your body circulation and reinforces your whole nerves. Your blood hurries to the skin surface area in self-defence when the cold water hits the surface area of your skin. Your skin has four layers. Individuals pay big amounts of money for what’s now called ‘Hydrothermal treatment’ when in reality all you require is cold water!

First, before you splash, massage your body all over with a little oil. Oil is more quickly taken in by the skin when it’s mixed with water – and you will not be greasy afterwards. Almond oil is extremely advised considering that the almond consists of lots of minerals, and it nourishes the body through the pores of the skin.

Go in and out of the water 4 times, regularly rubbing your body until the water not feels cold. Make certain not to miss out on the location under your arms, which is where the parasympathetic and supportive nerves fulfill. You can even base on one foot and massage the top of it with the other foot. Ladies, make sure to massage your busts. When we do ice-cold water massage, not just do we open the blood vessels, but when they return to normal, that blood returns to the organs.

Note: Not suggested if you’re menstruating or are ill.

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