Sweaty hands and feet can make some yoga positions more difficult.

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If your hands and feet sweat throughout your yoga practice, it could make performing some positions harder. You could be experiencing sweaty hands and feet while doing yoga for a range of reasons, and the excess sweat could cause you to slip throughout your yoga practice, enhancing your threat of injury. You may be able to prevent the amount of sweat your hands and feet release during yoga or you can be able to a minimum of take preventative measures to minimize your threat of injury when your hands and feet get sweaty.


Sweating is a response to your body getting hot– it permits your body to cool itself. If your hands and feet sweat throughout yoga practice, it’s probably a feedback to either the temperature level in the space or your body becoming heated as you exercise, or both. Sweating is a crucial bodily function. If you see your body generates a reduced quantity of sweat throughout a yoga course, you could be experiencing dehydration.


The biggest trouble with sweaty hands and feet during yoga is slipping. If you exercise yoga on a bare wood or tile floor, you’re at an increased danger of slipping on your sweat and wounding yourself throughout your practice. If the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet are wet with sweat, they’re slippery and won’t have the ability to hold their grip on the floor or wall during yoga postures.


You might be able to minimize the quantity of sweat your hands and feet produce during your yoga practice. If you carry out yoga in a heated space, think about switching over to an additional course that occurs in an air-conditioned space. This modification in temperature level might be enough to cool your body as you work out and prevent you from sweating so much that it becomes a problem.

Make It Work

If you like doing yoga and you can’t get your hands and feet to stop sweating, take a few preventive actions to keep yourself safe throughout your practice. Rather of exercising yoga on a slippery floor, choose a yoga mat that’s created for use in hot yoga. Use a sticky yoga mat to keep your feet and hands in place while you exercise, even when you are at your sweatiest. Bring a towel to course with you and wipe your hands and feet as essential to eliminate additional sweat prior to things get too slick.