Suspension Yoga Exercises

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A study by ‘Yoga Journal’ discovered that 16 million individuals were practicing yoga in the United States in 2008, investing $5.7 billion a year on courses and items. One of the current modifications is called suspension, or anti-gravity, yoga. Using a specially made harness, you can get the low-impact benefits of inversion treatment combined with yoga’s focus on strength and flexibility for an exercise that boosts general mind and body physical fitness.


One of the earliest forms of suspension yoga was the OmGym, established in 2005 by California-based Sarah Kellett, who’s a background in individual training, sports therapy and rehabilitation. The OmGym makes use of a sling, or hammock, made from recycled nylon parachute material with handle grips for stability and hooks and straps that allow it to be hung from a ceiling, door frame or tree. There are similar products on the market utilizing the exact same principles and comparable equipment, including AirGyro Health club Suspension Training and the AntiGravity Hammock.

General Tips

Most of the anti-gravity suspension hammocks have the ability to hold up to 1,000 pounds, specifically when hooked firmly into a ceiling. To begin, deal with the sling and location your hands on the bottom center while weighing down and keeping your back flat as you flex over the sling. Stretch your upper body forward and get used to the feeling of the sling. Maintain stress in the material of the sling so it never goes slack, which avoids your body from unclothing a position.

Gentle Stretching

Place the suspension yoga sling at a reduced level. From there, lean back easily and with dignity with your legs large. Wrap your legs around the 2 sides of the sling so the legs make a diamond shape. Delicately rock your hips from side to side to complete the stretch. To dismount, unwrap your feet from the sling and place them down on the ground with your knees bent. Then hang on to the handles and bring yourself approximately a standing position.

Bridge Pose

Change the hooks on the sling to the setting indicated for the inversion position greater up on the harness. Sit in the sling so your back is level with your sacrum, the huge, triangular bone at the base of the spine. Lean back with your legs spread out wide. Wrap your lower legs around the fabric and form a diamond-shaped position as the harness turns you backwards. Then permit your arms to hang easily to the ground as your spine decompresses and aligns itself and you breathe deeply. You can likewise add side bends for an additional layer of stretching.

Full-Body Scissor

A full-body scissor is an effective way to extend numerous groups of muscles at one time. Sit in the sling and place each foot in a lower manage. Reach each hand with an upper manage and grab the rope above. Slowly extend your arms and legs far from your torso and hold for 3 seconds. Bring your arms and legs towards each various other once again, while pressing your stomach muscles and keeping your arm and leg muscles tight against your body.