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The Corpse pose – Shavasana – is the most standard of all yoga postures. The corpse position is the position of lying on the back at complete length like a corpse.

Benefits: This is a resting pose and as such it’s said to do away with fatigue and cause calmness of mind.

The Tree pose – Vrksasana – a stable rooted stance is developed by bringing one foot against the inner thigh of the standing leg. The raised leg is out to the side and the hips levels. Both hips are squared towards the front. The arms are in a namaste position in the center of the chest.

Benefits: The position improves balance and strengthens thighs, calf bones, and ankles. Enhances position by strengthening the spine.

The Warrior pose – Virabhadrasana – from a standing position, feet are leapt apart around 4 feet. Arms are raised parallel to the floor, gaze is forward. Left foot is turned 90 degrees to the left and the knee is flex (keeping the knee above the ankle).

Benefits: Strengthens stomach muscles, arms, and legs. Opens the chest and the groin area. Boosts stamina.

The Lotus pose – Padmasana – in this position the legs are crossed, feet resting on the thighs with soles dealing with up. The spine is put up, the hands either put on the knees, palms up, or resting in the lap.

Benefits: Improves pose, enhances awareness, and usually has a calming and peaceful result.

The Triangular posture – Trikonasana – the legs are spread out apart and the body stretches to the left, relocating from the hips and crossing the left leg. Both arms are perpendicular to the flooring, the left hand on the flooring, or resting on the calf bone or the external ankle of the left foot, and the right-hand man reaching up straight. The spine is straight, chest open, the body dealing with to the front.

Benefits: Improves coordination and balance. Stretches lesser and upper back, hamstrings and hips. Strengthens arms and opens chest. The triangular posture offers a total stretch with the entire body.

The Plough pose – Halasana – from a relaxed position resting with the arms at the sides, the feet are brought over the head towards the ground. The arms and feet continue to be relaxed.

Benefits: Stretches back and neck. Helpful for stomach organs, for digestion, reinforces kidneys, liver, and the gallbladder.

The Bow pose – Dhanurasana – the position starts with resting with face on the floor. The hands are brought back to understand the ankles. Feet are located, back is arched, the chest and head lift up.

Benefits: Helps to launch stress in the spine and solar plexus. Enhances the performance of kidneys, liver, and little intestines.