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Yoga Journal asked Nicki Doane, co-owner and director of Maya Yoga Studio in Maui, to show us a training from each of the 4 chapters of the Yoga exercise Sutra of Pantanjali this month. Today: The best ways to attain true meditation.

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: Kaivalya Pada

Now we have gotten to the final chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. It is called Kaivalya Pada, which equates as isolated as well as definitely pure. This is the end result of the yogi’s sadhana, or technique. It is claimed that when a yogi gets to the state where they is no more a slave to their own mind, true and also infinite freedom, or moksha, has actually been achieved. The meaning of this chapter was explained to me as the state where consciousness sits on itself.

What Is True Meditation?

As one advances in their spiritual method, the asanas and pranayama (postures as well as breathwork) lead naturally to a mind that can begin to concentrate (dharana). When focus has actually been achieved, then the mind is ready for the greater realms of meditation (dhyana). Real meditation as Patanjali specified it is much further and also extensive than we could imagine. It is right here in this state that we begin to exercise self-realization, or the fine art of being familiar with our own selves far better and also far better. When we remain in true absorption or meditation, the distinctions we may think concerning ourselves as well as others begin to disappear. This is the juiciest part of the method, and it’s right here that we start to capture glimpses of what samadhi, or knowledge, truly is. As Bob Marley says, we are all one love– the only walls of separation are developed by the human ego.

Achieving Freedom From the Mind

Therefore, it only makes good sense to take apart the wall surfaces with the method and study of yoga. It is only when we understand that the mind is just an additional sense body organ as well as is comprised of the collection of imprints that life places on it that we begin to see that we are so considerably greater than our minds. Something I say regularly in course when I am teaching is to be cautious not to think everything we think, specifically concerning ourselves! When our mind is unfettered by ego desires as well as judgments, it is after that as well as just then that we could truly be cost-free. It only makes sense to comply with the path of yoga exercise all the best and also with patience if we really hope to be free. I understand for certain that is one of the reasons I continue to exercise and also show this old fine art and scientific research that is yoga exercise. May all beings almost everywhere be free as well as happy!

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