Build a long-term meditation technique, detailed, with Richard Miller, PhD, the founding president of the Integrative Remediation Institute (, founder of the International Organization of Yoga Therapists, and author of iRest Meditation and Yoga Nidra. In this collection, which unfolds throughout 10 problems of Yoga Journal, Miller supplies suggestions, suggestions, and also assisted audio techniques that will aid you devote to and experience the infinite benefits of meditation.

Set an Intention

Give Your Reflection Technique Remaining Power

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Finding the best purpose will certainly aid you stay concentrated on your objective of keeping a consistent meditation practice. (From the April/May issue of Yoga Journal.)

Align with the Universal Life Force

Find the Light in Meditation With Shakti

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Meditation could help us connect with the universal life pressure that links us all. Right here’s ways to straighten with shakti. (From the June concern of Yoga Journal.)

Tap Into a Feeling of Imperishable Well-Being

Feel Whole, Healthy, and Grounded

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Meditating on exactly what it means to just be can help you really feel deeply connected to yourself and everything in the cosmos, without the should deal with or heal anything. (From the July/August issue of Yoga Journal.)