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It seemed a good way to start the first work Friday of 2013– an introduction class to Nia Strategy– fitness with a distinction. The welcome to the media champagne breakfast advised that I use loose clothing, and directed me to Studio Kairos in Hume Road, Dunkeld West.

To be sincere, I hadn’t been completely sure exactly what this class would be everything about– I knew that it was a reasonably brand-new type of fitness, and that it included dance and “streaming motions”. But, as I’m always keen to attempt something brand-new, I was pleased to give it a shot. Plus, they promised champagne after the class, and who can deny that?

I entered the course with uneasiness. Normally, I such as to be in control and fight to get from my own head let go. Secondly, I am, I admit, relatively uncomfortable. And finally, co-ordination and I aren’t as close as we must be. However I do like to dance, (even if I appear like an epileptic flamingo).

The course started with a fundamental intro to Nia by black belt trainer, Susan Sloane, and Taryn Harris, brown belt. Nia is a sophisticated type f combination physical fitness, which blends martial arts, dance arts and self-healing into one workout. It’s considered a holistic strategy to physical fitness, as it attends to the entire person, through integration, sensory awareness and play. (Yes, play).

The idea evolved out of the aerobics craze of the 80s (Jane Fonda, leg warmers and sweat bands). Abandoning their shoes, recurring aerobic movements and their own self-conscious, creators Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas created Nia or Neuromuscular Integrative Activity. This barefoot “combination fitness” acquired support from the USA medical area for the cardiovascular and healing perks and by 1987 instructor training had actually started. Training encompasses five degrees: white belt, blue belt, brown belt and first-degree black belt. Nia can be taught by anyone who’s white belt training.

Nia was offered South Africa by black belt fitness instructor, Kathy Wolstenholme, in 2002, and she’s actually developed a neighborhood program for training teachers. Susan is one such pupil, who immediately discovered something within the Nia culture that contacted her. A certified yoga exercise instructor and massage therapist, Susan states she’s an affinity with people and wanting to heal. Nia was the best car, and at the exact same time, she states she’s actually found out important sessions about herself and what she desires from her own life. She’s currently the only back belt with fitness instructor status in South Africa.

As a science, Nia makes use of step-by-step motion, relocating your entire body with grounded steps and positions from the martial arts (Tai Chi, Tae Kwon do and Akido), dance (Jazz, modern-day, Duncan Dance and even a bit of ballet), and body treatments such as Yoga exercise. And most importantly, it’s a full body workout, and you relocate to your body’s own ability– be it a small, more controlled step or kick, to a sweeping embrace of a motion that extends from your fingers to your toes. Songs is used for motivation behind the movements, and you’re motivated to, quite literally, feel the beat and launch your mind enough to flow with it.

Unfortunately, my mind currently appears to have a more powerful grip on my body, than my body on my mind, and I need to confess while I enjoyed the class (and will return to attempt an additional one), I understand that I truly must try not to be so rigid in the cost-free movement parts of the course.

I happily danced, swayed, wiggled and jiggled during the guided movements but when I was left to my own gadgets, I’d the tendency to be bit more booked, providing an odd hop-skip-step with a weak arm-sway motion, zoning back into my original position like a homing pigeon, while the other class moved, sashayed and swayed around the room. Susan did tell me later on during morning meal that this is entirely natural for newbies, and I hope, provided time, I can escape my own head and simply go with the flow.

From the start, both Susan and Taryn stated that Nia is a fun way to exercise, and most likely one of the only kinds of physical fitness that motivates you to smile, both at yourself and those around you. And smile you do. I left grinning from ear to ear, feel-good serotonin still surging through my body. Oh, and while the champers was on offer, my newly-acquainted body and I decided rather for a smoothie …

Benefits of Nia:
* Increase the satisfaction of residing in your body.
* Strengthen muscles, enhance muscle tone, and increase muscle meaning.
* Calm the mind and relieve stress.
* Improve endurance.
* Enhance grace and flexibility.
* Improve concentration and intellectual feature.
* Improve pose and even enhance height.
* Improve organ function, particularly that of the heart and lungs.
* Enhance sensory awareness.
* Heighten sexual function.
* Construct tanks of chi energy.
* Alleviate psychological problems, including depression, stress and anxiety, and tension.
* Improve circulation of blood and enhance lymphatic drainage
* Strengthen immunity.
* Balance the free nervous system.
* Help with fat burning and correct weight maintenance.