Spiritualism and Spirituality

Spiritualism and Spirituality are two similar words as composition, however really different as definition. Both of these have words “spirit” in common as well as this is all that they share. Many individuals puzzle these two words not understanding just what they in fact mean.


Spiritualism and Spirituality

Spiritualism is a religion which is based on the idea that spirits of the dead posses the ability to interact with the living. The fans of this idea aim to contact spirits from the immortality or the spirit world to get info from their died loved ones. Fortune-tellers think that contacting spirits is possible. They believe that spirits, after diing, have a waste understanding about life as well as its secrets.

Spiritualism started as easy practice to go to the afterlife or the spirit world. It became a religious beliefs in the last 3 centuries. A French teacher named Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail (1804-1869) or also known by the name Allan Kerdek is thought about the programmer of branch of the Spiritualism called Spiritism. This religion started to expand a whole lot between the 1840s as well as the 1920s. In study made in 1897, there were more than 8 million fans and followers in spiritualism.

Spiritualism and Spirituality

On the various other hand, Spirituality is not a religion. It is the process of transformation brought on by a religious beliefs or a subjective experience for spiritual, psychological as well as emotional growth. Spirituality allow us find our inner self, our inner spirit which is a part of God. It is not a theological dogma, it has no rules.

Spirituality and spiritual methods assist us create our real being, our real self. There are numerous spiritual jobs as well as methods that you could pick from such as meditation methods, yoga strategies, spiritual recovery techniques and much more. These methods aid us connect to our inner energy/light/prana/ chi/ki/soul/ spirit and eventually to attach with the Higher Energy, additionally understood as God.

Now that we specified both words, we could clearly see the difference in between Spiritualism as well as Spirituality. They are 2 various worlds. Spiritualism focuses on the afterlife or spirit world. On the other hand, spirituality focuses on the person as entire living on four different strategies (physical, emotional, psychological as well as spiritual). Various other big distinction between Spiritualism and Spirituality is that one among them is a religion, the various other is a process of personal transformation.

I hope that this post assisted you see that Spiritualism and Spirituality are two various globes. It is your choice which one do you wish to follow.