Spiritual Meanings of Yoga Postures

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Yoga might be approached as a way to keep your body fit and healthy, but the real meaning of yoga is deeply rooted in spiritual enlightenment. As you extend, contract and contort your body, you are taking part in an old routine, which is suggested to clean your body and soul. By comprehending the spiritual meaning for the different poses that you use in yoga, you’ll have a better understanding of why each individual posture collaborate to provide you that post-workout high.

Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation is often one of the first collection of postures done straight after seated breathing exercises throughout early morning yoga sessions. The Salutation is meant to greet the sun and is used as a method to worship the Hindu sun god, Surya, who us the symbol of health and immortal life. The 12 unique postures of the Sun Salutation each have their own concept and the series is suggested to commemorate the sun and the sun god.

Headstand Poses

Headstand poses are among the most difficult for yogis to achieve, however they’re also some of the most spiritually beneficial posture. Kundalini utilizes headstand poses to awake and uncoiled the basilisk energy in the base of the spine, bringing it to the crown of the head. While in a headstand pose, one can attain an even mind, partial enlightenment as well as fearlessness. A range of headstand poses are suggested to bring clearness, which adds to a sense of enlightenment, which is one of the goals of day-to-day yoga practice and meditation.

Animal Poses

A selection of the postures that you’ll finish during a yoga course, specifically in a hatha yoga class, are called after the pets that they look like. For example, a cat pose is finished with a curved back, while the cobra posture looks like a snake rearing its head. The spiritual purpose of each animal pose is to enable you a few of the qualities that each animal has. For example, the eagle pose is stated to bring you a clear mind’s eye and a cougar’s posture can assist you feel brave and in control.

Strength Poses

Certain positions put you in a power position to assist you establish a greater gratitude for the natural world while assisting you feel like a stronger individual. The preferred warrior position is to help you feel spiritually effective, while the tree position is meant to make you feel calm, well balanced and in control. Seated postures, like the lotus positions, are suggested to help you turn inward during led and self mind-calming exercise for a deeper state of enlightenment. Listen for cues from your yoga instructor for the type of sensations that can be anticipated during each strength pose.