Sore Wrists & Yoga

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When people look for relief from conditions like aching wrists they typically turn to yoga. Treasured for its recovery benefits, a yoga practice can frequently relieve the irritations from conditions like weakening of bones and carpel passage syndrome. Paradoxically, a routine yoga practice can trigger aching wrists. Many of the positions need that you bear the majority of your weight on your hands and wrists. With time, your wrists will suffer the force of your enthusiasm if you do not take measures to modify your regimen. You can adjust most yoga postures to accommodate injuries. Try these yoga presents to shield and stretch your sore wrists.

Dolphin Pose

If Downward Pet dog is one of your favorite positions and your aching wrists are avoiding you from enjoying its benefits, substitute Dolphin pose. Come down onto all fours on the floor. Bend your elbows and lay your lower arms on the floor no more than shoulder width apart. Curl your toes under and straighten your legs while lifting your hips up toward the ceiling. Relieve your heels down toward the floor and push against the floor with your forearms in order to extend your back. Settle your head between your arms and stay in Dolphin pose for as much as a minute.

Dolphin Plank Pose

Adapting the Dolphin to the Plank posture is an additional method of shielding your aching wrists without quiting the benefits of your yoga practice. Lie on your stomach on the floor. Raise your head and chest off the floor while bending your elbows and moving them directly under your shoulders. Stiffen your legs and curl your toes under. In one smooth movement lift your upper body and legs off the floor resting only on your forearms and toes. Don’t sag your belly toward the floor, rather, keep an active lifting movement through your upper body and legs. Take 5 breaths in Dolphin Plank present.

Cow Face Pose — Arms Only

Your aching wrists will gain from this intense stretch. Come to a kneeling position on the floor and sit very tall. Raise your left arm over your head and flex the elbow so that your left forearm is lying against your upper back, fingers pointing down. Reach your right arm behind your waist, flex your elbow and angle your forearm up. Move your left arm down and your right arm up versus your back until the fingers of both hands clasp. If your shoulders are tight, begin the present with a belt or yoga strap in the left hand and when both arms are behind your back you can clasp the other end of the strap with your right hand. Spend as much as two minutes in this posture and afterwards repeat on the various other side.


Because of the extreme angle required of your wrists in some yoga positions– commonly up to 90 degrees– you can modify the present by extending your arms further away from your body thereby minimizing the flexion of your wrists. Dr. Baxter Bell, in a post for ‘Yoga Journal’ on the topic of sore wrists, promotes the use of foam wedges to decrease the angle of your wrists in weight-bearing postures such as Upward Canine present.