Soft Belly meditation is one of the most effective means to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. The “knots” of stress or the churning sensation in the belly can be eased with the right treatment of soft belly meditation. In this type of exercise you will ultimately feel relaxed, tranquil, calm and simple in the stomach area and avert all the adverse vibes in your mind that was developing all the pain.

Basically, in soft belly meditation the breathing pattern is the focus of concentration, when the tummy will enter while inhaling and out while exhaling.

When this breathing pattern gets disturbed due to stress or anxiety, it impacts the vagus nerves harmfully and that may result in the secretion of anxiety hormones like cortisol in your body as well as prevent the absorption of valuable nutrients to your body.

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Soft Stomach Meditation Procedure

  • To start with soft belly meditation you need to be seated in crossed leg posture either on a cushion or on a chair. As a novice you can set your time for 5– 10 minutes and gradually enhance the time.
  • To concentrate on the meditation procedure your eyes ought to be closed.
  • You have to breathe through your nose so that oxygen streams into your belly.
  • Pronouncing the word “soft” will help you to broaden your belly.
  • The next step would be exhaling with your mouth in order to emptying your belly.
  • This time the pronouncing word would be “belly”.
  • Focus your focus on the image of your “soft belly”
  • The experience of having soft belly will blow more oxygen to your lungs.
  • After experiencing the sensation of soft belly attempt to concentrate on the treasured memories of your life like journey to your most wanted location, the very first experience when you hold your kid in your lap. These memories will certainly support you to be more relaxed.
  • When your timer calls slowly open your eyes to have a look on the objects in your space. Offer another 5 minutes to obtain adjusted with the scenario and finally move on to your wanted works.

Once you have recovered versed with soft belly meditation procedure, you can do it for longer periods and for several times every day. Frequently novices discover it hard to focus, you can go to a park nearby or see any beautiful visual to pacify your mind and try this again.

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