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Lying on the back in a supine position bring the knees to the chest. Open them and cross the feet over one and other. Hold the feet between or close to the toes so that you can get a little more leverage. Roll back a little and draw the feet towards the top of the head. Try to bring them over the top of the head so that the hook behind the head.

Try to take the shoulders through the legs also if this posture can be done with ease.

Breathing is difficult due to the decreased volume in the lungs and restricted diaphragm motion. When the posture is held without force breathing becomes much easier.

Once adequate versatility in the legs and hips has been obtained attempt bringing the shoulders through the opened legs too.

This is one of the couple of stretches that actually stretches the deep muscles in the spine. These muscles run along the vertebrae. (The bones in the spine) A few of these are the multifidus which extend and laterally flex the trunk and neck and rotate it. The erector spinae muscles that run the length of the vertebral column. Little muscles and ligaments in the neck below the head are stretched. A few of these are the rotatores cervicis which are little muscles that attach each bone in the neck and are included with neck rotation and spinalis capitis and semispinalis capitis and the rectus capitis major and minor. Hip flexors are likewise stretched.