In nations where cold and gray weather rules most of the year, skin needs stimulation and resistance improvement.

Skin Care which permeates deeply into the Skin, promotes upgraded blood circulation in the Dermis, increases oxygen level, accelerates cell growth system and contributes significantly to skin renewal and wellness.

skin care for cold weather

Deep Skin Care awakens/refreshes fixing processes, assisting the stronghold of skin systems:

  • Toxin and impurity removal – for improving drainage of sebum and sweating.
  • Purification – neutralizes bacterial activity.
  • Water binding components – for moisturizing and defense from ecological damages.
  • Measured nutrition – for calming/soothing and relaxing skin tonus.
  • Blurring and cushioning fine-lines – for smooth and even skin.
  • Tightening pores and promoting processes in skin – ‘fitness for skin’ – ‘aerobics for dermis.’

During day – skin is primarily hectic in responding to the environment and in safeguarding itself from influences of light/sun rays, wind and pollution, psychological and physical anxiety. All the energy in skin is directed to its distinct function – separating between the body inside – organs and systems – and the air filled with ‘hostile’ elements surrounding body.

Serum and Day Cream – it’s more effective that these items will certainly be gently textured, swiftly absorbed in skin, hence allowing to put cosmetics. Products for day use must include components for evaluating sun radiation (whether originated from sky or snow), anti-oxidants, wetness – which is vital to skin functioning. During frozen durations this wetness is inessential. Products must likewise contain mineral nourishment, strengthening the dermal immunity system.

During day body is in motion, senses are active, the interaction with environment – nature, inanimate items and living beings – obligate addressing anything which exists outside the body.

Drinking and consuming activate the digestion system. Similarly, muscular and nerves are active, channeling and the optimal attention of the body is to its communication with its surrounding and less to maintenance of internal balance.

At night – when body sleeps, the communication is at rest and enables body to direct force to rehabilitation processes, to repair of damages triggered during the day and to natural renewal/building procedures.

Night Care Products – should focus on relaxing skin, so that it can direct energy to car rehabilitation/recuperation processes and systemic balancing.

At night – there’s value to deeper nourishment, to richly textured products, whose absorption process take longer than the fast absorption of day creams.

In these creams it’s essential to incorporate ingredients to fortify the healthy activity of skin, which will help hinder aging procedures and look of age signs, by using components which are aimed: to remove dead cells and weak tissues, to promote renewal, to improve metabolic process, to help get rid of waste. These active ingredients speed up cell renewal and enhance defense from inflammations, infections and skin irregularities.

These products will help enhance skin density, elasticity and firmness, will assist strengthening cell envelope and will certainly lighten complexion for even skin tone. These components are suitable to imitate the natural mechanism for skin renewal, for crease fixing and for well balanced and healthy complexion at any age.

Take care to use night cream, serum and day cream which are under the same cosmetic series. This will enable your skin focus on cumulative result process.

Love Line Bio Balance – A series for face, neck and decollete care – consists of a patented pro-biotic ingredient, which focuses on patented natural components and natural carriers.

Love Line Face Care – specializes in creating cumulative impact, while supplying constant result and assisting skin to upgrade its day-to-day activity and vitality.

Thanks to skin filtration from contaminants, the efficiency of everyday care program is boosted. Skin will be smoother and even more radiant currently from the first step, and after numerous weeks it’ll certainly be much more balanced and healthy.

Love Line from L’avilin House – sensitive to your sensitivities.

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