Six Ways to Sit for Meditation

1. The Quarter Lotus

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Here you can rest on your meditation seat with your legs loosely crossed and both feet relaxing listed below the other upper leg or knee. I advise this method.

2. The Half Lotus

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This is a variation on the above. Your legs are crossed with one foot relaxing on the other thigh. The various other foot could fold up underneath the leading leg and also remainder below the knee or thigh.

3. The Full Lotus

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Your legs are crossed with both feet resting on top of your other thighs in Lotus Pose

4. The Burmese Position

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If you could not rest with your legs crossed, that’s fine. Just sit with both feet applying the floor in this unwinded position.

5. Seiza

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Instead of resting with your legs crossed you can also stoop as well as position a cushion or yoga exercise props between your legs. This traditional meditation posture is basically a propped-up Hero Posture or Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose).

6. Chair


Finally, yes, you could utilize a chair if you need to. No pity in it. Just be certain to sit far from the back of the chair and area your feet firmly on the floor, lined up with your hips and knees.