It’s winter in Australia. On the east coast we have experienced the mildest climate in numerous a year. Incidentally, it’s the same temperature level right here as it’s in the northern hemisphere summertime climates of San Francisco, Cleveland and New york city City.

No matter how mild the weather is, Australians have a routine of fleeing our island continent for tropical paradises as cold temperatures bite, as they inevitably do.

I am flying off for a 5 week sojourn in the U.S. and Canada. Should I pack my yoga mat?

Have you taken your mat on your journeys and never unboxed it? I for one have carried my mat around for weeks at a time and hardly utilized it, never mind how terribly I required it.

This is an awful admission for a yoga teacher, and I understand I am in ‘bad’ company when I admit it.

On my last abroad journey, my body took a specifically large pounding during a long drive from the Canadian border to San Francisco. Along the means my neck cricked and broken, obliged as I was to crane it in adoration of forest after forest of gigantic trees: Sitka spruces, western hemlocks, California redwoods. The Wow Aspect can be using.

Planes and airports create chaos too. In some cases tourists need to mean lengthy durations in custom-mades and security lines. Typically there are air travel hold-ups that could eventually, unfortunately, culminate in cancellations.

There are other on-the -road stresses: the lack of control over dietary needs when you remain with close friends or in hotels. You consume parts that are bigger than you’re habituated to, try unique dishes, and eat at weird mealtimes.

I find my salvation in the periodic sanctuary of a yoga course and nowadays they’re everywhere. On the global scene, we find yoga from the Arctic to Yemen. They could be rather unusual interpretations as compared to what you are used to, but generally the atmosphere is serene and you’ll feel rehabilitated just by coming home to your body.

Speaking of homecomings, one of the YogaAnywhere cards is for recuperation from travel – yoga for jet lag.

Here’s a few hints from the sequence:

A Simple Breathing Exercise— Upon coming to your lodging, find a peaceful location to lie down with your legs up the wall and stay for 5 or ten minutes. To help you feel more grounded, observe your breath, all the while breathing completely naturally.

Supported Poses — If you find that your energy fluctuates throughout the day on which you show up, do Supta Baddha Konasana or Setu Bandhasana for 5-10 minutes. Prior to, throughout and after the air travel drink great deals of fluids. Water is absolutely necessary for rehydrating.


Here are some additional good sense suggestions for post-flight recuperation:

Avoid if possible taking a look at a screen for hours on end, be it iPhone, iPad or computer. See if you can limit activities extreme thinking, shopping or consumption of alcohol.

You can’t do better than walking on the beach or in any natural setting. Sunshine in restricted exposure will assist reset your bio clock. Regular meals that you prepare for yourself are obviously nurturing.

Best of all is house yoga practice, as much as you desire, any time, even in the middle of the night. When area and time are limited, make the focus enjoying your breath and practising relaxation.

If you do choose to pack a mat, you could wish to try among the light weight travel mats:

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