Shape shifting is the old art of intentionally changing form. Many indigenous cultures made use of masks and put on animal skins during ceremonial dance. It was believed that wearing animal skins changed the dancer (typically a shaman) into that specific animal. It was a method of linking and interacting with a various species. Each animal possessed details about the earth and the role they played in keeping its balance and health. Shape moving also allowed people to integrate a broad spectrum of qualities of each individual animal. With this process, ancient cultures were linked to earth’s changes and acted upon the info they received. They understood if they needed to move to greater ground since of climate patterns or where they might find water. Accessing the energy of a specific animal with the kind of a yoga position is a more viable alternative for individuals who want to transform and develop in the 21st century. The yogi can form shift into any bug, bird, or animal through carrying out certain yoga postures. The mind set of the specialist to willingly enter a creature’s world is essential to mining the knowledge of other types who share our world.

pigeon pose

To design an individual shape moving yoga practice, sit in a simple posture (legs crossed) and think about a quality you’d like to integrate more into your life. Testimonial your life over the past week or days and observe where you felt your energy was weak or exhausted. Where were you unable to respond powerfully? Exactly what quality would’ve helped you? As soon as you’ve actually determined the quality, then practice the presents which contain the qualities you require. For example, if the objective is to have a greater perspective about a particular issue or more lightness in your life, then Eagle Balance (Garudasana) would be a suitable posture to practice. The sensation of standing on one leg while the arms are intertwined and the spine is upright is reminiscent of the royal bird remaining on a branch checking his domain. You can then incorporate the quality of seeing the world with an expansive awareness. Eagles are creatures of the sky so there’s a sensation of increasing above to look for solutions to troubles and to see life more truthfully.

If you prefer more flexibility in life or even more information about the earth, then any posture from the insect world would support this objective. The Scorpion (Vrischikasana-there are numerous variations) is an excellent posture to increase spinal column versatility. They likewise live near the earth so they can send information about earth modifications. If Scorpion is too difficult a posture, then the Cobra (Bhujangasana) can likewise be made use of to access similar information. The feline can be used to end up being acquainted with feline consciousness. If even more self-reliance is needed then accessing cat awareness will certainly integrate this quality. Cats never think of exactly what to do next, they just move appropriately in the moment. They respond spontaneously.

Arm balances consist of the qualities of strength and determination. Practicing the Crow (Bakasana) brings our worries to the foreground. Many specialists find this to be a hard posture, however the Crow motivates us to keep attempting. Challenged by the fear of falling the Crow teaches us determination. It’s only through determination that goals are obtained. Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) offers us the experience of being inverted and seeing the world from a canine point of view. This posture offers us the playfulness and sheer enjoyment of a great stretch. Downward Canine motivates us to have a good time with our practice and enjoy sharing energy with the animal kingdom.

If you’re feeling ungrounded and rooted out then Tree Balance (Vrksasana) would be the perfect posture to practice. This posture teaches us to go with the flow and keep our roots when our branches are whipped by the wind. With weathering the storm we keep our balance and focus. With Tree Balance we learn that we can continue to be untouched by another’s energy. With a routine practice of this posture the yogi incorporates the strength and flexibility of a tree.

The focus on shape shifting in a yoga practice adds more depth to the postures and to the process. We exercise yoga not just to twist ourselves into pretzels but to end up being stronger, more caring, and more extensive in body, mind, and spirit. During this time of change and moving into heaven on earth it’s essential to get in touch with the earth and its creatures. A yoga practice has to do with recovering our connection with the earth while we broaden spiritually.

Carmela Cattuti MA,LPN
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