Sequences of Yoga Poses

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Yoga can be an effective physical fitness device for the body and mind. It improves adaptability, enhances strength, develops balance and can even result in weight loss. Yoga’s benefits also extend beyond the physical. Yoga eases tension and is handy in handling different health conditions. You can pick yoga sequences to address your particular issues. In all series, the crucials of yoga are focused breathing, proper form and soothing your mind. Hold each position within a series for two to three breath cycles or more.


Perform this sequence to reduce stress and anxiety. Begin in simple position while seated on the ground with ankles crossed and hands leaning on your knees. Relocate to staff pose. Extend both legs directly out in front of you with your feet bent to the ceiling, and place your hands on the ground next to your hips. Try a seated forward bend. With both legs still extended in front of you, flex forward, getting your feet and pulling your nose to your knees. A folded towel beneath your back can assist you reach your feet.


Try an energizing sequence if you experience fatigue. Start in downward-facing dog. With your hands and feet on the ground, your body kinds an upside-down V-shape. Keep your shoulders and neck unwinded, lifting your tailbone towards the ceiling. Lower yourself to the ground for sphinx present. Flat on your belly, pull your elbows near to your body with your palms under your shoulders. Press up to your lower arms, looking straight ahead. End in child’s posture. Press up onto your hands and knees then push the hips back to lean on your heels. Bring your arms together with your legs with palms facing up.


This yoga series can ease the pain from a headache. Start in bridge pose. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet close to your back. Extend your arms alongside your body with your palms confronting the ceiling. Pressing the glutes, raise your back off the ground. Aim to get your body into a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Lower your hips back to the ground and extend your legs out on the ground in corpse pose. Your feet must be a little apart with your toes pointing out. Palms face up, and neck and shoulder muscles are unwinded.


To combat sciatica, practice this sequence of yoga poses. Begin with warrior posture. Feet are spread apart and arms extended at shoulder level. Lunge to one side, turning the toe of that foot to point out to the side. Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed. After duplicating to the other side, move on to prolonged triangle pose. With feet apart, keep both legs directly and turn one toe to point to the side. Both arms must be extended at shoulder level. Reach your arm out over the turned toe then flex at the waist, placing your hand on the floor behind your foot. Repeat to the opposite.