Mahāyoga is the classification of the first of the three Inner Tantras according to the ninefold division of method utilized by the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Ray associates the Mahāyoga with eliminating the obscuration of aggressiveness (or rage). The loved one element of the 2 truths is mentioned as well as an embedded quotation by Tulku Thondup: Mahāyoga-yana is linked with the masculine concept as well as is for those whose key defilement is aggression. In Mahāyoga, one pictures oneself as the divinity with accompaniment. ‘All symptom, ideas and also appearances are considered to be the revered facets of the divinities within family member reality,’ in words of Tulku Thondup. By picturing all sensations as the deities of the mandala of buddhahood, in the advancement phase, all appearances are purified.

As with the various other yanas, Mahāyoga represents both a scriptural division as well as a specific focus of both sight and practice. Mahāyoga is pursued stress the generation stage (or ‘advancement phase’) of Tantra, where the doing well 2 yana, anuyoga and also atiyoga, emphasise the conclusion phase and the synthesis or transcendence of the two, respectively. Mahāyoga scriptures are more broken down right into two areas: the Sadhana part, containing practice texts for meditation on specific deities, and the Tantra section. Ray highlights the transcendent usage of visualization amongst the strategies of tantric sadhana as well as the teaching of the ‘eight cosmic commands’

One particular keynote of mahāyoga-yana pertains to using visualization. In the Vajrayana generally, one envisions oneself as the buddha, hence offering exterior kind to the enlightenment within. Like-wise, one envisions the external world as pure and spiritual, thus under-cutting the usual practice of taking points as impure and contaminated. In mahāyoga, one concerns the awareness that in fact all of our daily experience is a visualization. Equally as we could envision ourselves as a buddha and also the world as pure, so we can imagine ourselves as an existent ego and the world as defiled. Realizing that of our images and fertilizations of reality are in reality complex visualizations, we gain an unique entry into the foundations of the standard globe as well as get a particular kind of exceptional take advantage of over it. This is mirrored in the mahāyoga-yana teaching of the ‘8 cosmic commands,’ eight sort of means to intervene in the procedure of the conventional world as well as alter its energy for the perk of others.