I taught a Restorative Workshop yesterday in the Yoga Shed for 12 participants. The students originated from all over, expecting me to deliver the goods. That is, everyone wished to leave feeling renewed. I truly wish that individuals went away feeling tranquil and rested.

This morning after my yoga practice and afterwards cleaning your home, I felt satisfied that I ‘d done a good task of teaching the workshop. I also felt really exhausted. Very tired.

I provided the students a couple of quotes that summed up the necessity for looking after ourselves, our energy levels. Right here’s one that sticks out for me today:

We underestimate the time had to rest.

And a couple of other quotes:

What we’re opting to perform in life is everything!

Saying ‘no’ is merely saying ‘yes’ to other things. (My well-being, for instance.)

Do you believe that I am following my own recommendations? Hardly! I am cleaning, blogging and teaching. This is in the face of feeling like I must just discover a sunny spot to sit in and read The Goldfinch (excellent, by the way).

Incorrigible, really.

Here’s the great bit. I understand that I am not resting. I are being self-revealing about it. I understand I am capable of doing good things for myself. Recently after I got an all-clear arise from the Breast Screen Evaluation clinic, I purchased myself a little present.

I do think that we yoga instructors are better at caring for other individuals than for ourselves. Possibly, like you, I just like being of service. I can be a little bit better at serving myself, though.