Every time you bring your folded hands to your forehead at the close of a yoga exercise practice, you are contacting Ajna (or Agnya), your Sixth Chakra. Likewise referred to as the Brow Chakra, Ajna is found at a point in between and simply above your physical eyes– which is why it’s called the Third Eye. Its Sanskrit name suggests “understanding center” or “command center” and, because role, it’s thought about “the seat of the soul.” So, while your physical eyes see the product world, Ajna helps you explore deeper worlds: intuition, clairvoyance, creativity, creativity and visualization.

indigo third eye chakra0609As with all things yogic, the Sixth Chakra’s energy isn’t focused simply on observing. All of the info and experiences you generate through your Third Eye affects your thinking and understanding– whether you’re open-minded or prejudiced, positive or unfavorable, hyper-aware of all that’s around you or unobservant.

Clearing this energy vortex helps you to stop relying on only exactly what you can see with your eyes. It welcomes you to become more delicate to other means of looking at things. That may suggest spending some time to assess the meaning of a dazzling dream or taking note of that inner voice that informs you to call a buddy you have not talked with for a while. It opens the gateway of imagination. So, possibly you’ll lastly get that guitar and sing, take your easel to the park or write the book that’s been churning in your mind for years. Stabilizing the Sixth Chakra also leads you into the greater worlds, enabling you to get in touch with universal facts.

Working with yogic asanas and way of life modifications that enhance Ajna’s functioning has perks on every level. Knowing to focus on clear, favorable thoughts makes it much easier to focus. You see what’s important, so the mess goes off of your order of business. Working at being more intuitive likewise increases your awareness of what other individuals are experiencing. It’s tough to be upset at the mother or dad who cuts you off in the grocery line when you make the effort to really look at their circumstance– whether it’s that their kid has runny nose or whether the moms and dad is still dressed in office wear at 10 p.m. Beginning to use your 3rd Eye also offers you essential self-knowledge. Meditating on the Sixth Chakra can lead you with vital decisions on your instructions in life or direct your understanding to a greater plane.

Opening Ajna takes time, but few journeys have as lots of exciting weave. Right here are a couple of pointers for beginning on the path.

The basics: Ajna, the Sixth Chakra, is located in the forehead or “3rd eye” site. It manages creativity, vision, intuition and imagination. Self-perception and identity are likewise had an effect on by the balance of this Chakra.

Its presiding deities:Shakti Hakini, Krishna,

Its element:Light

Its colors:Indigo or blue/violet

Its symbol:Star of David

Its sense:Intuition

Its aromas:Mint, vanilla and jasmine

Its gemstones:Quartz, lapis lazuli, sapphire, and sodalites

Its sounds:Musical note: A, Bija sound: Om, Mantra/sound: Ksham/So


Its metal:Silver

Number of petals:Two

Physical associations:Carotids, eyes and temples

Imbalances:Physical: loss of sight, brain lumps, deafness, depression, headaches, eye troubles, absence of concentration, lapse of memory, discovering impairments, panic, seizures, spine disorders and strokes. Emotional: discipline, psychological intelligence, concern of reality, flightiness, judgment, passive aggression, concept of truth, and confusion.

Balasana, child pose

(Child’s Pose)Benefits:Focusing into your body in this pose can assist rebalance a sixth chakra that’s bewildered by too much sensory input.

How to do it:Begin on your hands and knees. Gradually lesser your tailbone toward your feet (use a blanket or folded mat if your buttocks do not touch your heels) and lay your torso on your thighs, arms extended in front of you. Continue to be in the posture for one min or longer.

Sarvangasana, Shoulder StandSarvangasana(Shoulder Stand)Benefits:This pose opens the Sixth Chakra.

How to do it:Lie on your back. Lift both legs simultaneously up until you feel your hips come off the floor. Place your hands close together on the back of your hips. Hold for 30 seconds, then gradually put your hands by your sides and launch your back to floor.

Ardha Uttanasana, Standing Half Forward BendArdha Uttanasana(Standing Half Forward Bend)Benefits:Bending forward puts pressure on the 3rd eye location, which stimulates the Sixth Chakra.

How to do it:Begin in Uttanasana (Standing Forward Flexed). Put your palms on the floor or blocks to the side of your feet. On an inhale, press into your palms to raise your upper body. Raise your chest forward and up, arching your back. Remain in the position for a couple of breaths.

medititionMeditation.The color of the Sixth Chakra is indigo, so you can envision that as you meditate. Begin sitting in a peaceful location (or even walking if you choose moving mind-calming exercise). Focus on indigo light infiltrating your body. If you want, you can repeat the chakra’s seed mantra, Om.

Nourish it.Because of its associations with indigo, dark foods like blueberries and grapes or red wine will promote the Sixth Chakra.

6th chakraKeeping this Chakra in harmony helps you connect with the world around you along with inside of you. Along with controlling exactly what you see, it likewise assists you filter out preconceived notions and judgments about yourself and others. So, focus on learning to look at what’s in front of you, without unneeded context.