Imagine the human body to be a terrific ocean. In this ocean, their thousands of various currents circulating into different patterns of flow revitalizing the entire structural body. The human heart function as the engine that propels the flow of energy into circulation over the whole system. This energy is received from numerous sources, the air we breath, the food we eat, the sun that radiates upon our skin, and with the energy center we call chakras which work as a vortex that soaks up pure energy and discharges adverse energy.

Every human body is different, so they’ll have a different pattern of flow. For the body to be categorized as healthy they’d all have one typical aspect which is a free-flow of energy with the energy structure. And we call this structure the central nerves which functions as the circulation station for all energy that distributes. Our veins work as transportation’s tubes that carry this subtle energy to re-generate hungry cells. There are specific factors that generate human illness that’s an outcome of clogs that formed within the body preventing this free-flow of energy. These clogs can be found in the shape of dead cells, stagnant energy, particles that have actually blocked this free-flow of need.

This condition is the outcome of bad eating practices, negative state of mind states, and absence of exercise. As a result of these blockages, stagnant energy develops within the human structure living within the human tissue and our muscles. From a free-flowing state, the system freezes no more dispersing and flowing to maximum capacity, as an outcome we feel exhausted, we establish illness, sickness, cancer and all other ailments. The flow of energy becomes weak, and out of proportion between the left and ideal side.

We ended up being so habitual with our day-to-day regular carrying out the very same body language that specific ill-patterns manifest. These irregular patterns are what generate mental disease and schizophrenic behavior. When we’ve worry, our body ends up being defensive and commits specific movements in the shape of stress and stress. As a result the body re-positions itself into a formed energy shell in the shape of a mold that directs the energy current into a regular pattern that feeds these mental defects of character. Therefore, the brain which functions as the command center for the release of hormones, and chemical signatures is unsteady due to these unpredictable pattern results.

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The practice of Yoga is innovative in that it puts the body into specific positions re-shaping the energy structure with a brand-new course of energy flow producing a new pattern of harmonious balance. These yogic postures are aligned with energy centers where various pathways cross just like Chinese acupuncture points. The pattern of energy changes, opens and re-balances the human structure. As there are countless yoga postures renewing all the different sectors of the body, reshaping the energy distribution system with its own unified benefits.

Since our entire human body is connected to our individual health and frame of mind, a change in our molecular structure will lead to a modification of our character. We can relate to this testament with the history that lies within the palms of our hands. The qualities that form our fingers, hands, lines and nails. Our hands that tell us of our character, strengths, weaknesses and our future possibilities based upon our own will. All of these attributes are due to the way energy streams with us. Everything is connected. So associates that continue to be dormant in our character have the potential to re-ignite with the practice of yoga postures and a favorable state of mind.

To practice Yoga properly there are very important indicate consider. First is the proper method of breathing. To have quality you’re to breathe in deeply, focused breaths of a long inhalation. It’s a feeling you’re trying to manifest and concentrate upon. It’s a sensation of awareness with concentrated attention, quietly meditating feeling the subtle breath. It’s an experience of inner faith and serenity which you’re trying to feel that produces a strong concentrated force. After this, you’re direct this focused attention to the area you’re working on. For instance, if you’re in a yogic posture that works the lower back of the spinal column, you’re to concentrate your awareness to this area. Every objective is directed energy. So wherever you place you attention that’s where you energy will be received. So it’s of up-most importance to concentrate your complete attention in awareness of your body specifically the target location.

We hold a powerhouse of energy centers that have the capacity to generate infinite amounts of power, however they lie dormant.