When we note our breath, we’ll find that the breathing and exhalation are usually of unequal length. Some people have a much shorter exhalation than inhalation whereas in others it’s the opposite way.

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In pranayama we could wish to lengthen breathing or exhalation or make them equal relying on the requirement. In Yoga exercise parlance exhalation is called rechaka and breathing, puraka. Vritti in the context of pranayama refers to the length of the breath. Sama indicates same.

In Sama Vritti Pranayama the Yogi equalises the length of puraka and rechaka. This is done through counting. When you start, you should first inspect exactly what the length of your puraka and rechaka is then make use of the shorter one as your dimension. For example: When you note your breath, you count 6 on puraka and 8 on rechaka. Then begin making the puraka and rechaka 6 counts each. You’ll discover that you won’t strain. Nonetheless, you may find that the breath normally decreases throughout the course of the practice. Then you can enhance the counts as long as the breath feels comfortable at all times.

Sama vritti pranayama can be finished with Ujjayi, Nadi Shodhana, Anuloma Ujjayi or Pratiloma Ujjayi Pranayama.

You might also include kumbhaka. In Sama Vritti Pranayama you’d then need to have a kumbhaka after puraka and rechaka and make the kumbhaka of equal length to the breaths. For instance: You’re counting 6 on puraka and rechaka. Then the kumbhaka on puraka in addition to on rechaka will additionally be 6 counts.

You could likewise choose to duplicate a rule rather of counting. Swami Sivananda was extremely keen on this. This will make you link to the sacredness of the breath.

Sama Vritti Pranayama is extremely helpful in getting mastery over the breath. It’ll likewise bestow a feeling of strength and relax to the mind.