Residential Yoga Teacher Training

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A domestic yoga educator training course is when you live at the center till the course is completed. The course can happen at an exotic resort, a school and even an ashram in India. Residential courses immerse pupils in an environment conducive to finding out yoga, and in some circles, might give the teacher an one-upmanship over various other prospective instructors.

Certification Standards

There are no no state or nationwide policies in the United States to be a yoga instructor, since 2011. Anyone can claim to be a yoga teacher without any training, but it’s tough to work in the market without experience. There are different requirements, relying on the establishment for which you work. Fitness centers mightn’t request for accreditation, but yoga studios normally need a minimum of 200 hours of training and accreditation through the Yoga Alliance, which has 200- and 500-hour courses.


Because domestic yoga educator training courses are intensive, they normally last in between two and 6 weeks. Quality of room and board differs considerably, relying on the course you’ve actually selected. Some educator training programs offer extravagant accommodations and others are more rustic, some even require you to produce a camping tent and sleeping bag. Food at yoga retreats or educator trainings usually is vegetarian, as it’s part of a yogic principle called ‘ahimsa,’ which basically means non-harming.


Because the Yoga Alliance sets the informal standards for teacher training programs in the United States and worldwide, it’s the most detailed directory site of educator training programs. Numerous of the worldwide teacher training programs have domestic courses. The Yoga Alliance keeps a listing of Registered Yoga Schools, consisting of domestic programs. Check accreditation standards for schools that interest you.


Residential teacher training programs are frequently taught by knowledgeable yoga teachers and run by a few of the most well-known yoga institutes worldwide. Some high-profile residential teacher training programs include Ramamani Iyengar Remembrance Yoga Institute in Pune, India, run by B.K.S. Iyengar, the creator of Iyengar yoga, the White Lotus Foundation in California, which focuses on healing yoga training, and the Atma Center, one of the few places that offer satyananda yoga educator training.