Research on the Benefits of Yoga
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Yoga is a popular kind of alternative medication in the United States, and even more than 16 million Americans practiced yoga as of 2011. According to Yoga exercise Diary’s medical editor Timothy McCall, M.D., yoga exercise is an effective medicine for the body, mind and spirit. Yoga exercise has been exercised in India for thousands of years as a means of assisting in holistic health.

Yoga for Veterans

According to a study appearing in the November 2008 issue of ‘Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medication,’ veterans who participated in a least eight yoga courses found relief for chronic reduced back pain. They likewise experienced renovations in state of mind, energy and quality of life. Forty percent of veterans returning from active service suffer decrease back pain, and exercising yoga provides a narcotic-free solution. Simply a handful of Veterans Administration centers offered yoga as of 2008.

Treatment for Depression

Alison Woolery of UCLA performed a randomized trial testing the effects Iyengar yoga exercise had on depression. Of 28 subjects, 13 went to 2 yoga exercise classes a week for 5 weeks. The staying subjects didn’t do yoga. The research showed that the subjects that practiced yoga showed significantly enhanced moods and decrease levels of anxiety than the group that didn’t do yoga.

Stress Management

According to, the prospective health benefits of yoga exercise include tension decrease, enhanced physical fitness, fat burning and improved management of disorders and diseases. likewise states that yoga exercise can be efficient in minimizing stress and anxiety.

Weight Loss

A research lead by Dr. Anand Shetty of Hampton University, discovered that yoga exercise helped overweight high school students drop weight. The subjects exercised 40 minutes of yoga exercise and breathing exercises four times a week for 12 weeks. There were no modifications in diet plan. The topics lost about 6 pounds.

Body Balance

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medication is a government funded organization devoted to the study of yoga and various other kinds of alternative medication. Findings carried out by the NCCAM have actually revealed that the practice of yoga can help control blood pressure, metabolic rate, respiratory function, heart rate and body temperature level.