Reiki Meditation

Reiki Meditation is a meditation method that makes use of the reiki power circulation. Before we start the overview for Reiki Meditation, we require to define a few words like reiki and chakras. Reiki is a power recovery method that makes use of the unconditional love, life force or energy. Chakras are energy “wheels” within our body. There 7 important chakras that need periodical cleansing as well as energizing.

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Reiki Meditation: How you can start?

First you have to find a great reiki music or leisure songs. It requires to be quiet and relaxing. When you have actually located the song, you could start the leisure procedure. Sit down in a comfy setting. You could lay down if you desire, but be cautious not to go to sleep. Or you could stay in the lotus position.

Focus on your breath. Take deep and also sluggish breaths. Focus on your lungs. Breath in through your nose and also breath out with your mouth. This breathing technique will certainly start to relax your mind. Attempt to make your breath as deep as you can. When your mind is loosened up, you have to unwind your body. Start from head to toes or reverse. Concentrate on the first body organ, let’s choose the legs, feel exactly how relaxed they are obtaining. Repeat it for your abdomen, upper body, hands, shoulders, neck, face, ears, skin of the head, etc.


Now turn around the method you breathe. Breathe in with your mouth as well as breathe out via your nose.

Now visualize the stimulating of every chakra. Visualize a white or golden sphere accepting every chakra, detailed. Begin with the crown chakra. The sphere is pure power, the unconditional love. It stimulates as well as purifies your chakras. Proceed with the pineal eye chakra, throat chakra, and so forth. When you are done with the chakras, it’s time for the next step.

Now visualize the ball of energy spreading right into your aura. See exactly how your mood loaded with love and also begins to increase. This is the phase when your body and also chakras are fully energized.

Stay in this unwinded state as long as it feels comfy. When you prepare to return from the Reiki Meditation, start to feel your organs individually. Open your eyes. Remain in the exact same position a few minutes, then slowly get up. Stretch your body if you really feel the demand to.

This Reiki Meditation is extremely easy and also extremely efficient. If you introduce it into your life, your body will certainly become healthier. You will certainly be less stressed out and more satisfied. The beautiful state of showering in pure unconditional love loads you with joy, happiness and also self-love.