I’m not one for New Years Resolutions, I feel we should aspire to much better ourselves throughout the year. I do understand as a culture, that we’ve the tendency to overindulge during special occasions and vacations, so making a resolution after Christmas for example might appear like a good idea. For me I just felt sluggish and a bit down after the vacations and needed a pick me up. I considered doing another cleanse, or fast, and chose being in the food industry constantly produces an issue when cutting out food totally. I’ve constantly been a raw vegan to the degree I ate as much raw as possible, now I took it up a notch.

raw vegetables

1. Raw: Adjective: (of food) Uncooked: (of a material or element) In its natural state, not yet processed or cleansed: ‘raw silk’,

I decided that I’d attempt and get back into the raw practice, not 100 percent however I’d attempt and include at least 80 percent a day into my diet. It actually isn’t that difficult or daunting, as some people would think. I suppose everything in life can be difficult to some degree, whether it’s work or relationships or eating healthy, but we’re creatures of practice, and I attempt to convey to non followers that there’s no such thing in life as diet plans or fast fixes to be healthy. One should make the life option to accept a way of life, eating and workout that can carry you into middle age, active and complete of life and energy.

I’m 54, and for the majority of my life have kept this ideal, but I’ve actually had down periods where I wasn’t well balanced which afflicted every facet of my life. No inspiration and losing the routine and dedication that’s being conscience of your diet plan and wellness, whether vegan or not, can not be ignored, or you discover it’s a long climb back up to where you understand you should be.

The benefits are unbelievable. Limitless energy. Great skin. Restored sex drive. Lowered Danger of Illness. Weight reduction and/or maintaining your weight. Plus you just feel attractive when you’re healthy and healthy. If you incorporate this with a work out regular that fits you and your lifestyle, whether it’s running or yoga, well absolutely nothing is better. I was a tough core fitness center addict for years and need no recommendations or instruction because arena, so toning my energy down to stretching and yoga was a difficulty for me initially.

I believe everybody can gain from an easy stretching routine and yoga even if you’re more hard core. The body needs and values it. I utilized to believe when I was younger if I went at it with interest my body would benefit from it as I aged, but that’s truly not true, as your joints and body age and wear with continuous use like any other device will.

Let’s all get a lot more raw into our lives and diet plan. The more greens you consume the more you crave them. Let’s all stretch and be calm and still and learn that this motion is one that keeps us well balanced.

I’m on day 47 of raw and I’ve actually lost 11 pounds, my skin looks wonderful, I’m not stressed about anything and I’m in love with life once more. A healthy body is a healthy mind, it isn’t a misconception !!!!