I love raw foods! Raw foods are foods that haven’t been warmed over 105 degrees and are high in enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. With raw food each new day filled with marvel and surprise. The terrific thing about raw food is it feels terrific to the body and the tastes hem and haw on your tongue.

raw foods

I was very first presented to raw foods when I was a teenager. I worked in a fantastic natural food restaurant making juice. I bear in mind when I initially went raw, I preferred to simply juice. Although I was a fantastic chef and a baker in the cooked world, all the raw things appeared complicated and strange. Everything I tried in the very first month was unappetizing to me and I ended up just tossing all of it in my garden compost.

I was really ecstatic one day when I was playing around with some seeds, herbs, spices, and veggies, and developed the most outstanding dish. I kept playing around with fascinating ingredients in numerous different combinations until I improved them. This led to the development of the Celestialwich and many other tasty developments and then finally-Nut Free Cuisine.

My favorite food in the raw world is dessert. Why? Since desserts are a lot fun to prepare and everybody enjoys sugary foods! If you’ve some nuts, dates, coconut oil, fruit, and vanilla-you can make almost any cake. You can’t do this in the prepared world. I like that when you’re raw, the basic things in life like a piece of fruit can send you into a BLISSED OUT state. Fabulous!

Oh, and afterwards there’s cacao. I discovered my blissed out state with chocolate when I was 5 years old. My Mother said I was the chocolate ice cream conesuier and could state Chocolate in almost any language! I grew up taking a trip and living overseas, so that statement probably is not really away the mark. So, envision my joy when I found RAW CACAO-HOLY COW!

The very first time I attempted it, I was called into Stephen Arlin AKA Thor’s workplace and fed this strange looking bean called cacao. I keep in mind liking it straight away. My reaction was HOW CAN I GET THIS? Of course, at the time it was not readily available yet for sale, to my severe dissatisfaction. Anyhow, I bear in mind the day when it was, I bought a lot of it.

My best friend Caneman and I purchased a box of fresh persimmons from our dear good friend Barry Koral at the Farmer’s market and decided to blend sliced and pealed cacao with persimmons. OH MY! It was divine! Back then though, you could just eat as much cacao as you could peel! That probably conserved us from overdoing.

Nowadays, cacao is so readily offered, one might easily OD! So, I guess it isn’t a surprise then why I’m so into making cheesecakes, specifically chocolate coffee cheesecake. Awwwwwwww RAW FOOD! It’s just a pleasure being raw. I can not picture any other way of living.

People ask me all the time, ‘Angelina, how in the world can you consume just raw?’ and ‘Angelina, how can you be 100 % raw for over 10 years?’ My response, I like the means it makes me look and feel. It’s as simple as that. Raw food is ONE BIG PARTY! I state yay for raw. Eating raw food assists you to accomplish your perfect weight, feel more pleased, become more stimulated, and look even more glowing and lively.

In the years that I’ve been raw, I’ve noticed that I’m really getting younger. Not just am I getting younger, I’m feeling more youthful too. I’ve a dear close friend and business partner who’s actually been 100 % raw and vegan for over 37 years. When I satisfied him, he was turning 48 and looked like he was in his early 30’s. I have been dealing with him for 10 years and the strangest part is he looks more youthful now than when I satisfied him 10 years earlier. He simply keeps getting more youthful and more youthful and has more energy than a kid! I feel exactly the exact same method. I’m active 24/7 and I get even more done in a day than some individuals get done in a week. Attempt it on for a while and see how it makes you feel?