Raja Yoga Teacher Training

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The ancient practice of yoga extends beyond improved fitness. In yoga approach, mind, body and spirit are one. The word raja suggests ‘royal’ or ‘kingly’ and raja yoga is a form of meditative practice. The objective of raja reflection is to bring the mind and emotions into balance in order to concentrate on God. In Hindu approach, raja yoga is understood simply as yoga. As a yoga teacher, studying raja enhances your very own practice and assists much better interact the meditative advantages of yoga to pupils.

Raja History

Raja yoga is based on the eight limbs of yoga as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The limbs of yoga concentrate on such aspects as self-discipline, position, breath control and reflection. Raja yoga attract people trying to find a more meditative yoga practice. Raja yoga teaches you to still the mind and enter into a thoughtless state, reaching greater awareness.

Integral Yoga Institute

Integral yoga provides raja teacher training to teachers with a 200-hour Yoga Partnership certification. This teacher training focuses on self-mastery and a deeper study of yoga philosophy through the reading of ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.’ Teachers will learn the skills essential to instruct yoga approach and the best ways to include raja yoga into all yoga guideline. This course runs from January with March and meets 3 times per week at the Integral Yoga Institute in San Francisco. Educators earn 90 Yoga Partnership hours and a certificate to teach raja yoga. As of 2011, the cost to attend training is $900.

Yoga Matrix Teacher Training

Yoga Matrix provides a 200-hour yoga training. The program is made for people intrigued in growing individual practice or training. The Yoga Matrix program concentrates on hatha yoga and the underlying theories of hatha yoga, raja and jnana yoga. Teachers learn the 5 branches of yoga, breathing, chakras, mantra, raja yoga– 8 limbs of patanjali, and jnana yoga– yoga of knowledge. Courses are offered two weeks at a time or over the course of four weekends. At the completion of certification requirements, a 200-hour Yoga Partnership certificate will be issued. As of 2011, the cost to take part in the two-week training is $1,500 and the cost for the weekend training is $1,380. Classes are offered at the Yoga Matrix studio in Orlando, Fla.

Ananda Teacher Training

The Ananda Institute of Living Yoga offers a 200-hour instructor accreditation in Seattle and Bothell, Wash. This certification instructs fundamental hatha yoga with focus on breathing, yoga postures, and position modifications. This certification offers a sturdy foundation in raja yoga instead of offering a raja yoga accreditation. The course runs Friday with Sunday over 11 weekends. As of 2011, the expense for training is $2,995. Ananda likewise offers a raja extensive workshop January with April in Seattle and Bothell. This course covers reflection, philosphy of the Bhagavad Gita, the viewpoint of Karma, and Patanjali’s eight-fold course of ashtanga yoga. The expense of this intensive workshop is $395. The raja course is an intensive research and doesn’t offer an educator training certificate.