In class a few days ago my educator told us to look up in our warrior present and not to let the roofing interfere with our vision. I believed wow, what a simple statement that covers it all. Oftentimes we installed these walls with the belief that we’re securing ourselves. What we do not realize is that we’re really barricading ourselves in.

warrior pose

Recently I’ve had many students concern me for recommend on numerous topics varying from should I do a yoga instructor training to did my sweetheart break up with me or are we simply on a break? It might look like these concerns are drastically various however they are not. Off the mat we’re pounded with questions from the really minute we wake up until we rest our heads at night. It’s no wonder we get so confused and look outside of ourselves for the responses.

Looking outside ourselves is our first mistake. Others can assist you for sure but nobody can offer you the responses you seek. I can hold somebody’s hand, assist them walk with their own fire but no person can live your life. You’ve to see exactly what you see, feel what you feel and let the responses come normally and disclose themselves from within.

Many times I’ve depended on others to obtain me though tough times and I’m so grateful for them, but in the end you need to understand that you can handle just fine by yourself.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to truly take a look at yourself. I indicate really look. When we look at the mirror we think we see our reflection however there’s a fog between us and the mirror. The fog represents our past, the laws of our society, the ego, and the burdens we lug that we must’ve dropped long earlier.

Next time you’re on your mat be an observer. Watch yourself with no expectations, no judgment. Simply continue to be with your breath undamaged. The responses will certainly pertain to you when you prepare to hear them. Raise your roofing system, look outside your box, jump over your own fence, do exactly what you need to do to get to your reality. A little hint to get you started on this course … if you’re asking the concern you’re headed down the ideal course.