I’ve had sufficient time just recently to reflect on many areas in the field of yoga, research, teaching and my likes, choices, needs and dislikes. As my trip continues, I’m evaluating my options for guideline along with training chances. I find that the qualities of yoga teachers which develop a desire in me to return to their classes and to trust their judgment are those which I hope to discover in a training program and to construct, enhance and reveal in myself and for my own teaching.

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Following is a personally derived list:

  • Positivity about life and individuals in general
  • Loving- kindness in approach
  • Competence and understanding about postures, anatomy, safety
  • Thoughtful in learning about students
  • Listening to students without forecast or blame
  • Observes change and developments in students’ practices or poses
  • Good easy job abilities: showing up early enough to be available, being neat, clean, no ventilation in front of students about studio politics or troubles, taking responsibility
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Show regard for others’ opinions even if vary considerably from ones’ own
  • Capable of providing lodgings or options for brand-new, injured or advanced practitioners
  • Knowledge of pose names and purposes
  • Can consist of basics about breath, meditation and spirituality without proselytizing
  • Ability to be human- accept that he/she might make a mistake
  • Ability to forgive, to say sorry and to live and laugh
  • Respectful to students and teachers
  • Certified in a training program
  • Knowledge of more than one routine and/or yoga style
  • Knowledge of fitness and wellness principles
  • Continuing to upgrade individual expertise in yoga
  • First Aid certified

I notice individual stimulate, devotion to excellent, openness, interesting music (I like spiritual based music). I value those who check out, write and contribute through volunteering, speaking, contributing, educating and asking others to be included in these pursuits (walking their talk).

These qualities have actually been exemplified by numerous great teachers and studio owners throughout the years, especially for me in the last 16 months of more frequent practice by teachers at hauteyoga, 8 Limbs and ILoveHotYoga, in my little area of the city. Exactly what a happiness and blessing to live in Seattle where we’ve a lot of wonderful yoga educators and choices of excellent studios!

Now, a little on the flipside!

I picked up from teachers who provided me an upset or hurt experience! Please note- these have actually just taken place a couple of times in my recent spurt of 230 classes. That I was stimulated by actions is my own feedback. My fact is that these cause issue or harmed in me. Others might’ve a different take on scenarios. I opt to let these incidences help me decide how I’ll certainly teach, what my actions will certainly be.

  • Arriving late means you don’t hear what a student might need to tell you
  • Yelling at a class or badgering a student could injure individuals’ ears or feelings
  • Adjusting a shoulder by cranking on it might injure a student and can unsettle students
  • Demeaning remarks might be noted in students’ minds and create dissonance
  • ‘Modification your life’ dogma could insult or sidetrack students from their purpose of body movement, strength-building, breathing and flow
  • ‘Laughing off’ accreditation as insignificant.

All of these are my lessons. Thank you. The California Yoga Educators Ethics Board has actually released an Ethics Code with 10 sections and over 40 sub-statements! Whew! There’s a lot to learn and exercise in this company called yoga! I invite comments and contributions. Thank you.