Qualities of a Good Yoga Mat

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A great yoga mat is genuinely crucial for practicing yoga. In yoga, you use your body to carry out a series of postures that work to improve your strength, adaptability and general health. Having a great yoga exercise mat can make a huge difference in your practice. Do yoga exercise without a mat, or with a bad mat, and you might spend your whole practice attempting not to slip as you hold a few of the more difficult yoga postures.


Yoga mats differ in thickness. Relying on what you choose, you can select a thicker or thinner mat for your practice. In general, a thicker mat is going to offer you with more padding throughout your practice. If you practice yoga on hardwood floors or if you’ve discomfort in your knees in kneeling postures, a thicker yoga exercise mat could be a good selection for you. If you take a trip a lot and wish to take your yoga mat with you, a thinner mat could make delivering it simpler.


The surface area of a great yoga mat needs to be sticky. The stickiness keeps your body in location while you’re doing your yoga positions. Without proper stickiness, your mat could trigger you to strain your muscles throughout your yoga exercise positions as you attempt to keep your body from slipping. A great, sticky mat helps you grip, specifically when you are in positions such as downward facing dog, when you’ve to dig your hands and feet into the mat to keep your body supported.


You can commonly inform the long-practicing yoginis in your yoga course by their mats. Daily sun salutations can trigger a less durable mat to put on unevenly, till you’ve noticeable ruts where your hands and feet generally go. Buying a top quality, long lasting mat is a must if you want to practice yoga exercise often. You might should spend more to obtain a more long lasting mat. Less costly mats have the tendency to wear more rapidly.

Environmentally Friendly

A major concept in yoga is ‘ahimsa,’ which actually suggests ‘harm none.’ Numerous yoga mats are made of polyvinyl chloride, a compound that launches toxic gases into the environment and into your lungs as you exercise. To secure your health and your world, choose an eco friendly yoga exercise mat. You can discover mats made from natural, chemical-free rubber and yards. Eco-friendly yoga exercise mats keep severe chemicals out of your body and from garbage dumps.