Qigong Meditation

– Beginnings and also ways to exercise it –

The Chinese word “Qigong” (likewise led to “chi gung” or “chi kung”) means “life energy cultivation” or “qi growing”. We could specify Qigong Reflection as system of various exercises such as movement, breathing and reflection. In the Buddhist, Taoist as well as Confucianist traditions, individuals exercised Qigong Reflection secretly. In the 20th century it suffered a big transition. It began to incorporate Taoist techniques and also viewpoints. Qigong influences lots of Chinese ideologies. So it came to be preferred as well as extensively used.

Qigong Meditation resembles Yoga exercise. It has several exercises and more than 80 breathing practices. These exercises are categorized as Qigong for reinforcing as well as stimulating the body, for health and wellness as well as healing and additionally for reflection and also spiritual cultivation. The workouts for stimulating the body are typically exercised in a vibrant collection of small movements. Yet individuals generally exercise Qigong Meditation sitting down.

yoga weight lossQigong Meditation – Action by step:

To begin this meditation, you need to discover a comfy setting. Your body should be balanced as well as centered. Shut your eyes or maintain them open, concentrating on the point of your nose. Currently start to unwind your body. Start with your muscle mass and inner organs. You can relax your body beginning with your toes as well as progressing slowly to your head and face.

Now concentrate on your breathing. Take long, deep as well as soft breaths. Allow the breathing unwind and also silent your mind. When you are totally relaxed, including your body and also mind, you could relocate your focus from your breathing.

Focus on the gravity center of your body (also called “reduced dantien”). It is situated two inches below the navel. The dantien is likewise called a tank of life force (qi). In Qigong Meditation, where is your focus, there moves the vital force. When you are focusing on the gravity center of your body, you are directing the life pressure to that factor. This method you collect life force.

Now relocate your focus to your whole body. Really feel the life force removaling in between your cells. Really feel the vital force moving from your dantien factor to your toes, fingers as well as head. When you feel you are all set, slowly open your eyes. Remain in the very same placement for a few minutes. Get up slowly.

Qigong Meditation fills your body with life pressure. It teaches you to focus on the flow of qi in your body. Various other 2 terrific Qigong exercises that you could try are: Tiny Cisculation or Embryonic breathing. Enjoy!