Garnets are widely diverse stones that can be really different from one another in composition, however they share similar silicate structures. The Andalusite crystal is a tough and durable member of the garnet family which makes it ideal for everyday fashion jewelry, however numerous prize the stone instead for its metaphysical homes.


Andalusite is pleochroic, suggesting it reveals different colors throughout different sections of its structure. Numerous valuable and semi-precious stones share this quality, but gem cutters frequently play down this feature when they cut stones, orienting the cuts to highlight the dominant color and conceal the secondary color.

Andalusite cutters play up its pleochroic properties by faceting the stones to flaunt its color variations. Andalusite is commonly compared to alexandrite, another stone that reveals color variations, however unlike alexandrite, andalusite displays multiple colors simultaneously in the different aspects. Color-change stones like alexandrite really seem an entirely various color when seen from various angles.

Andalusite colors are earthy and warm, leaning more toward the amber and brown than the deep reds of the more popular garnets, though some mined from mica deposits are more wine-colored.

Mineral And Structural Composition

Andalucite’s chemical composition is basic, including aluminum, silica and oxygen. Its molecular weight is 162.05 g, according to Mineral Information, a mineral collector’s newsletter, arising from about 33 percent aluminum, 17 percent silica and 49 percent oxygen.

Andalusite is in the orthorhombic dipyramidal class of stones, implying it’s 3 axes with 3 perpendicular aircrafts, according to gemologist Betty Bray, founder of Mystic Minerals. A model of the structure at the molecular level would look about like 2 pyramids attached to one another along the flat base.

Metaphysical Properties

Andalusite is typically called ‘the seeing stone’ as it helps to plainly analyze issues and see all sides of a concern, according to Lee Stevens, a Reiki master and educator of crystallography with Spirit of Isis. It’s close to the earth and grounded in the very first and sixth chakras, or the ‘root’ and ‘3rd eye.’

Andalusite is frequently utilized during reflection to unlock past-life memory and help in past-life regression, which is the procedure of mentally going back to a time before birth to uncover past injuries that might be interfering with current-life balance. It’s utilized as a confidence aid that assists battle fears and reduce anxiety. Crystal healers make use of the stone to treat conditions as differed as AIDS, calcium insufficiency and inadequate vision, though there’s no medical literature to support such use.