Prenatal Iyengar Yoga

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Iyengar yoga, first instructed by B.K.S. Iyengar and brought into prestige in the mid-1960s, has formed every form of yoga practiced in the United States, including prenatal yoga. The concentrate on poses, called asanas, and breath control, known as pranayama, is standard to all kinds of yoga, consisting of Iyengar. The difference in Iyengar prenatal yoga is that props are pre-owneded to assist the altering body more conveniently adapt to the asanas. Prior to beginning an Iyengar prenatal program, discuss it with your physician.


The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says workout during maternity is both safe and beneficial. Prenatal yoga is a workout that can keep you fit during maternity and get you back into shape quickly after delivery, according to the Mayo Clinic. Prenatal yoga can help prepare you for the roughness of labor, in addition to improve rest and lower tension and stress and anxiety. Typical prenatal complaints such as pain in the back, headaches, queasiness and trouble breathing can also be helped by the routine practice of yoga.


Prenatal Iyengar yoga is a method to exercise throughout maternity, as using props, concentrate on gentle motions, and attention to breathing interact to not only keep you strong, but likewise prepare your altering body for birth. As your body replaces and grows, you might make use of props such as blocks and bricks to assist you get into the positions easier. As opposed to holding a posture for a certain quantity of breaths, you’ll relocate gently through your postures, and your postures will be adjusted for your growing body and altering center of gravity.


Because of the modifications in your body during maternity, particular poses shouldn’t be completeded in an Iyengar prenatal class. Postures on your back or belly should be stayed clear of due to the should keep weight off the abdominal tooth cavity, and to avoid putting pressure on the vena cava vein, which relocates blood from the uterus to the heart. Any inverted poses ought to not be done since of the risk of lightheadedness, falling and moving blood far from the uterus. You need to be careful not to overdo deep twists as the bodily hormone relaxin triggers your joints to be more relaxed than normal and could cause injury to your joints and muscles.

Finding Classes

Finding prenatal Iyengar yoga courses can be as simple as doing an Internet look for regional yoga studios. Before starting any prenatal yoga course, be particular your instructor is accredited to instruct prenatal courses and understands the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy. You can also ask your physician about prenatal Iyengar yoga videos if you’d choose not to leave the convenience of your home.