Is it an excellent time to invest? With all this recession talk, you may wonder if it pertains to something beyond our control, possibly the worlds. Jupiter and Neptune can bring some optimism, hopes and dreams. In Lynn Hayes’ visitor post, discover if it’s the right time to take those dangers that are remaining in the back of your head.


The past two weeks have seen a big rally in the US stock exchange, buoyed most likely by the conjunction of Jupiter (optimism) and Neptune (dreams and illusions). The presence of Chiron there adds care to exactly what’d otherwise be a much more buoyant grasp at the gold ring with the Jupiter/Neptune alliance. Chiron reminds us of the injuries recently experienced and assists to keep things a bit under control.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a bottom on July 10 which was the day of the exact combination of Jupiter and Neptune, and has increased every day ever since. Today Venus, the terrific Attractor, is in a specific trine to the Triple Combination (Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune), and the Moon will certainly jump in, forming a Grand Trine with the Triple Combination for much of the day. There’s incredible optimism in the air today that can conquer any negativity.

Still, it would be crazy to get captured up in an illusory optimism that drives the markets up briefly until the reality of Pluto in Capricorn steps in. Pluto turns direct in mid-September, which will likely mark a return to realism/pessimism. However even prior to then Saturn (convention and practicality) will certainly begin again to oppose Uranus (all things brand-new and various) in the latter part of August. So we’ll certainly remain to see some ups and downs for a long time to come.

Jupiter and Neptune will clash for one last time (this cycle) in November of this year, but at that exact same time Saturn will be preparing to square Pluto which can be a huge challenge. I’d probably not jump into any long term investing yet however it might be an interesting time for a short run.